Event Coverage: Deutsche Classic 2010

Last Saturday, July 10th, played host to one of our favorite shows of the year. Deutsche Classic, nestled in the hills of Berks County, Pennsyvania, always has a great, laid-back vibe and really cool people on hand. Once again, this year managed to have the same atmosphere, despite the weather trying its best to make it otherwise.

Unfortunately for the show, which has seen a steady rise in attendance for the past five years, the skies opened up all day long, which drove numbers down a bit. But the rain didn’t keep the die-hards away by any means, with many cars sporting New York and New Jersey plates still turning up after making the long haul across state lines. And while rain may get you wet, it certainly doesn’t change the laid-back nature of people.

Miss out on the show this weekend? Been debating whether to go or not, and want to see what it’s like? Make sure you check out our galleries below.

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