Event Coverage: Deutsche Werks

August 6th, 2005 marked the debut of yet another show in the watercooled VW scene. What’s so special about this event is that it actually lived up to the hype surrounding it. Deutsche Werks was billed as the German Auto Experience – produced by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts; where quantity does not matter as much as quality. This event was held at Wyoming Valley Motors, which is well known for its charity car shows and this was no exception, as all proceeds benefited the Earthly Angels Autism Fund of Luzerne County.

The vibe at the show was very laid back as there were no loud stereos, no dyno competitions, no DJs, no drag racing – just people spending a day looking at some great cars. In fact the only performance exhibition was a certain 408-horsepower Jetta taking a lucky few out for rides down the road in front of the venue.

Being that the show took place at a dealership, it only made sense to have some cars parked inside. The Dub Audi Gruppe had a showroom all to themselves featuring Patrick Cosgrove’s recently completed homage to the classic 1998 tuner style (unofficial word is that he actually drove it to the show), Craige Ohlstien’s burgundy Mk4 VR6 turbo, and Russ Taylor’s Denim Blue B6 Audi A4 sedan.

While the registered show cars in attendance were only numbered to 58, that 58 included automobiles like Jay Lehrman’s super-clean eurotrash Mk3 Jetta, Jose Benevida’s beautiful Mk4 GTI with an ultra rare molded Garbino kit, Vinnie Moellering’s tribute to OEM+ perfection, and oh yeah, how could I forget to mention a yellow RUF Porsche 911?. Not to be outdone by the cars competing in the show, Revo Technik/AI Designs brought out their wild PPI-kitted Audi TT, which turned heads all day long.

The list goes on and on and reads like a who’s-who of the East Coast VW scene. Everyone in attendance seemed to have a great time and comments have already been made claiming this to be the show of the year. Hopefully the organizers of this event have already began planning for next year because if this past weekend is any indication, it’s just going to keep getting better and better.

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