Event Coverage: Dubs along the Delaware 2010

It’s not England, Worthersee nor a California locale but the state of Pennyslvania never seems to let us down when it comes to summer automotive enthusiast events and this past weekend’s Dubs on the Delaware show in the Pocono mountains exemplifies this. Held on the grounds of the Shawnee Inn between that facility’s sprawling golf course and the meandering Delaware River, the gathering was a celebration of everything and anything built by the Volkswagen Group.

The Delaware River, for those not up on local geography, separates Pennsylvania from New Jersey and that proximity to the Garden State and the New York metro area beyond is likely a big help in this event’s quick rise in popularity. License plates seemed as numerous from New York and New Jersey as they did from Pennsylvania.

We hear some three hundred cars made the weekend and, while this may sound relatively small by Waterfest or H20 International numbers, you have to understand that DotD is only in its second year and the weather forecast was dripping with precip.

Rain and newness aside, show organizers may have a challenge on their hands for 2011 because three hundred some German cars on the Shawnee grounds is starting to look near capacity. We suppose it could envelope the large golf course thereby booting those with bad taste in pants for the weekend but that may be a political challenge. We’ll be curious to see how DotD organizers manage their success.

As for cars, the event is a complete mix of old and new. From the elder squarish Giguiaro-inspired period that begat Golf Mk 1s and Audi Coupe GTs to the latest B8 Audi A4s and Golf Mk 6s, the show boasts an even smattering of the lineage. Same goes for attendees, young and old, who seem to wander the field admiring the cars in a relaxed atmosphere that seems something like a micro Worthersee wrapped up in the ‘Dirty Dancing’ movie set.

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