Event Coverage: Dubs Along The Rockies 2006

Over the last four years, the Rocky Mountain region has exploded with Volkswagen and Audi enthusiasts and brought on its biggest show in the summer. What begin as a half-day event with just a handful of cars has grown to over 200 cars and a full-day event. For the fifth installment of the Dubs Along The Rockies, the 2006 event stretched to two days over the weekend of June 24th and 25th at the World Arena in Colorado Spring, Colorado.

Saturday saw a full day of autocrossing for the 42 participants who showed from as far as Saskatewan, Canada. World Arena’s parking lot was cluttered with cones, making for a lengthy but extremely fast course that ate up some tires and caught a few drivers by surprise.

The autocross course was smaller on Sunday as the large show crowd invaded the area with over 165 registered vehicles, blanking the parking lot in a wide array of OEM and custom colors. Similar to previous DATRs, both air-cooled and water-cooled owners rubbed elbows while showing off the old and new models, ranging from the factory original look to the more common body accents and interior electronic accessories.

Other events around the weekend included the infamous “Slow Drags” where the last one to pass the finish line is the winner. Contestants can use any gear they so choose, but must fully release the clutch 15 feet from the start line without using the brake or having the car stall over the 200 foot ‘drag strip’. Also, on display were avid radio control car junkies who raced and crashed among themselves.

Increasing from last year, many nationwide and local venders were on tap. APR was the title sponsor and brought their full race rig with an assortment of vehicles, including their new 2.0T software and other powertrain accessories. Local track stars from SCR Performance helped sponsor the autocross events, offered driver training during the autocross events, and displayed their vehicles in action on the course. Volkswagen of America made their presence surrounding the Stateside release of the renamed Mk 5 Rabbit. Along with the bunny came its evil twin: a life-sized Fast. Spectators were able to sit in the new Eos and play with the hardtop convertible.

Beyond the new goods that could be picked up, their were full-sized swap meets and an extensive raffle with over a hundred prizes available. Donations from AWE Tuning, North American Motorsports, EuroJet, Virtual World Parts, RS Motorsports, Serious Euro Tuning, PG Performance, 42 Draft Designs plagued the goodie bin with fantastic parts. Ticket holders had the chance to win a fully programmed ECU from APR, a full front-mount intercooler kit, gauge pods, and tickets to other local VAG shows later in the season.

DATR stayed sunny up until mid-afternoon Sunday, right as awards were being handed out. And as fast as the clouds rolled in, so did the pouring rain and hail. A wall of pea-sized hail came from the west and made everyone scatter for their vehicle or under a nylon tent, clinging for shelter. After a solid hour of downpouring rain and hail, over six inches washed up around curbs and on rain guards. The parking lot soon turned into a large river flowing down the center where most of the show vehicles were parked. No serious water damage or hail destruction was reported after inspection.

The Rocky Mountain region is closely beginning to creep on the east and west coast shows. This show is worth hiking it up a few thousand feet to see and experience. DATR 2007 should really show how the central States owners can present themselves like one of the big guns for popular Volkswagen and Audi events.

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