Event Coverage: H2O International 2005

Again folks at H20 International held at Ocean City, Maryland lucked out with amazing unseasonally warm weather which encouraged folks to come out to this ever expanding show. Usually the last major show of the long season, H20 has consistently offered up a laid back almost European-esque type show that we are happy to report appears to be still growing on a yearly basis.

Most noticeable at this year’s show was the fact that the cars for the most part are getting cleaner and cleaner. In previous years it could be said that the “Fast and the Furious” crowd were taking over. Judging by the field it seems that the trend is more towards clean understated cars with more subtle modifications being made compared to flaming paintjobs and chrome rims.

While the Mk IV crowd still makes up the bulk of the field, older cars also made a solid showing with a clean white MK I white Rabbit and MK I Jetta being show-stoppers. As for the newer cars the field was adrift with assorted R32’s, GTI’s, and Jetta’s, and Passat’s. Also the Audi field seems to be growing more and more which was encouraging to see. The new Audi A3’s will be a definite plus in filling the field up in the future as more parts come online for the newer chassis.

So in the end we reach another end of the season in a more relaxed environment. If Waterfest is the most hectic and crazy shows of the East Coast season, H20 should be considered the laid back show with a more personal touch to it. Congrats to Jay Shoup and crew for pulling off another great event!!

Full show results are available here.

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