Event Coverage: MK1Madness

In the Volkswagen show scene, there seems to be a rift forming now more than ever. There are your big shows, sponsored events with massive show areas and sales galore, and there are the smaller “grassroots” shows that try to focus more on the community than the commercial aspects. Every year, a good time to see the differences between these two styles of show is the middle of July. With one of the biggest commercial shows on the horizon, there’s always a group of devout MK1 fans setting up on a campground in southeast Pennsylvania for one of the most down-to-earth shows of the season, MK1Madness.

Described by most of its attendees as more of a weekend hanging out with like-minded people than a show, MK1Madness certainly has one of the most unique atmospheres of any show on the circuit. Situated deep in Maple Grove Park in Mohnton, PA, rolling up to show wouldn’t seem that impressive if you were looking a load of VWs on a big parking lot. The only big parking lot is empty, and instead you are waved along a driveway into the woods. The driveway leads straight through the campgrounds, where Volkswagen fans in various states of grogginess slowly emerge from their tents and walk towards the large, grassy show field.

And in that field stands some of the best examples of MK1s this side of the Atlantic. Everything based off the A1 chassis is represented, from the Rabbits and Jettas of all variants, to Sciroccos, to homemade variants like a crew cab Caddy. But probably the best part of the show is the community. As one of the most laid-back shows in the season, it harkens back to the days where shows were less about politics and judging, and more about getting to spend time with other enthusiasts. And while there is a place for the bigger shows in the season, it is certainly refreshing to see a prime example of what got us all in the scene in the first place.

Want to see what was on display at this year’s MK1Madness? Check out the gallery by clicking the button below.

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