Event Coverage: “No Coast” R32 GTG

May 15 & 16 – Drivers from as far away as Iowa, Montana, South Dakota, and Kansas drove into Denver, Colorado for a great gathering at Avalon Motorsports new location. Though the number of cars was small in comparison to the “coastal” get togethers, as one R32 owner put it, the idea behind this particular event was “quality over quantity.” Given the picturesque nature and the wonderful twisty mountain roads of Colorado, we would have to agree.

Avalon Motorsports had just moved into their new facility the day before but was ready, willing and able to accommodate the numerous R32 owners with GIAC ECU chipping and great raffle prizes, including a GIAC Chip and Flashloader, EIP Gift Certificates, and HPA Motorsports short shifters.

The visit to Avalon Motorsports was followed by a drive to Sharptail Trailhead for a B-B-Q. The location was nice and relaxing and everyone enjoyed the spectacular scenery that Colorado has to offer. This also created a great opportunity to get the R32s lined up for some pictures.

At 8:00 am Sunday morning everyone met at Red Rocks to take more photos. One R32 owner explained how he had been there 38 years ago with the Porsche Club of America for photos and all the R32s were lined up in a similar manner. All by itself, Red Rocks is one of the most picturesque spots in North America, but to see the R32s lined up was simply incredible.

A special “thank you” goes out to VWVortex members DubPrincess and Supercharged VR6 for putting together a great event and we look forward to the next one.

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