Event Coverage: www.GolfIV.de Summer GTG

04.–06. August 2006

More than 120 members of the biggest german-speaking Mk4 & Mk5 forum website met last August for a yearly big summer GTG which took place in Niedernhausen and Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

The event started on Friday as the first members arrived from many different regions of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Eighty members including their cars, girlfriends, wives and friends found their way to the hotel where the first part of the GTG took place. Members enjoyed a chineese all-you-can-eat buffet and conversation in the evening, most of them knowing each other up until then only by their nicknames in the forum.

In the evening everybody was free to do what they wanted. Some went to a nearby bowling arena, others relaxed in the big wellness area of the hotel. Still more chilled together in the hotel lounge or went to a big club in Frankfurt called Cocoon.

For some people Saturday started very, very early. More than 20 “special” cars had to be transfered to a VW dealer located in Frankfurt. These cars had to be moved in the 3rd floor of the dealers showroom by an freight elevator. After those cars found their spot for the day, other members came from the hotel or from wherever they started from for this 1-day trip. Organizers led the members to their spots where the cars could be cleaned or prepared for the vendors which where there too. There were even companies which tinted the windows or who removed dents to an very favourable price.

Also in the 3rd floor there was a sun deck with coolers and a barbecue. A nice spot to have a rest during the day with 89°F and a blue sky. That lofty perch also provided a nice view of Frankfurt’s skyline while having one of the various free drinks organized by the board team.

The event was covered by several German tuning magazines such as “SPEED”, a representative from the HELLA KG and the sales manager of Oettinger Germany which is not far away located from Frankfurt am Main. The organizers, the members, the vendors and the dealership were very satisfied with this GTG after the end of the day.

The dealership informed their customers by mail and placed some ads with local newspapers to inform the public about this event. The intention was to show the public what is possible in the tuning scene. Oettinger showed their Mk5 GTI with 310hp.

And last but not least the golfiv.de forum showed the public and representatives that there is a strong community which dissociates from street-racing, illegal and dangerous tuning modifications and crazy driving maneuvers.

Saturday evening was very relaxed by watching a movie in Germanys biggest drive-in cinema. Other activities were free to everybody then. Many chose to return to the Cocoon club again.

On Sunday there was a joint drive to a near by mall where some pictures were taken.

The highligt of the day was surely the meal in a restaurant called “Waldgeist”, known for its big XXL Viennese cutlets and its burgers (11.8in diameter ). After the food, the members hit the road for home.

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