Event Report: Wuste 2014

[Photos by David Venezia, www.Venezia-Photography.com]

What can be said about Las Vegas that hasn’t been said already?  The city is a polarizing destination, popular amongst those who are over 21 and looking to cut loose or make some money in one of the hundreds of gambling establishments.  This focus on entertainment for adults makes Las Vegas a tremendous place to hold Wuste, one of the fastest growing events in the southwestern United States.


Held in the parking garage of the Palace Station Hotel and Casino with Volkswagen of America and show vendors set up in an adjacent parking lot, Wuste has one of the most unique ‘showfields’ anywhere. And rather than having to worry about traffic getting out of the event, entrants (and some attendees) simply walk back to their hotel rooms once the event has finished.


Its almost reminiscent of that scene from Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift where the drifters have completely taken over a parking structure.  It wouldn’t be surprising if more events with a similar structure began to pop up, due to the ideal lighting and protection a parking garage provides from often unpredictable weather.  In this case, it offers some relief from the oppressive Las Vegas summer sun.


You can consider the 2014 edition of Wuste to be a success in both its show element as well as its yearly cruise to nearby Mount Charleston, which happened to be lead by a new Mk7 GTI.  Be sure to click through to our gallery on the right hand side of this page to see more from the event.