IAA 2013 – Frankfurt Auto Show Gallery

We’ve got our first round of photos up from the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show in Frankfurt, Germany. The highlights on the VW side was the announcement of the new Golf R, e-UP!, e-Golf and Golf Sportsvan Concept (Golfplus successor).

The Golf R is obviously the key model most of our readers are interested in. This time sporting 296hp from VW’s newest version of the EA888 2.0TFSI, the new Golf R continues with it’s tradition of AWD and is available in both two and four-door configurations. Both six-speed manual and six-speed DSG transmission choices are available in Europe. What are we getting here? That’s still being sorted, but VWoA is working on *trying* to offer both two and four-door with a choice of either transmission which would be the first time we get both. Keep your fingers crossed. We should see the Golf R around January of 2015. Sorry, this is the first time in 14 years that I didn’t get over to the Frankfurt show and I don’t have any first-hand impressions. However, the new Golf 7 GTI is stellar and if you throw even more power and AWD into equation I think it should be a LOT of fun. We’ll know soon…


e-Golf arrives on our shores (tentatively) at the end of 2014. The e-Golf is significant in that is the first major volume product from VW to offer plug-in full electric drive technology. VW has been working on this for quite a while buying themselves time to allow battery technology to march forward a bit more, to sort out suppliers for said batteries and to ensure they could build a full electric that behaves as much like a normal car as possible. We drove the Golf 6 electric a few years back and it is remarkably similar to your standard Golf in every way with lively response and very few drawbacks that are common with electric vehicles.

Our full gallery of images can be found HERE or in the image shuttle below. Enjoy!