Mid-Atlantic Massiv Wrap-Up

2004 Mid-Atlantic Massiv Show, Frederick Maryland – August 28 & 29

This year’s VW/Audi Massiv Show was built on the success of past years and featured a new venue at the Frederick, Maryland Fairgrounds. The Fairgrounds offered an appropriate location for the 2004 Massiv VW/Audi show, as this year’s event witnessed an increase in show entrants and attendees.

This show, for whatever reason, reminded us of the very early Waterfests, which in their day, brought together a tightly-knit community of auto enthusiasts. Consider it almost a Get-Together mentality of the people in attendance and you’ll understand the overall feeling for the event. What impressed us most was not the sheer number of entries, but the actual quality of the cars that were entered in the various categories.

The show, broken up into 15 simplified classes, covered such cars from the Mk I chassis, Corrado, and all the way up to the MK IV Golf/Jetta. Kudos to event organizers (www.infrontmag.com) who came up with a novel way of organizing and splitting the various classes. Taking advantage of the fairground accommodations, car classes were exhibited and grouped in separate display “barns”. The only negative off-shoot of hosting the show cars in the “barns” was the hot, hazy and humid dog-days-of-summer weather that made standing outside – and inside for that matter – a bit uncomfortable. Luckily, the organizers had the foresight to provide fans for the participants.

We expect the Massiv show to continue to grow in the coming years. Given the shortage of events on the East Coast, the Massiv show stands to fill the void between Waterfest in mid-July and H2O Int’l in Ocean City at the end of September. All the best of luck and further success!!

Results, courtesy of Infrontmag.com, are as follows:

MK1 + Cabriolet:

1. David Hawxhurst

2. Emir Hayric

3. Charles Ho Fung

MK2 Golf:

1. Dan Howard

MK2 Jetta:

1. John Neil

2. Willie Smith

3. David Hough

MK3 Golf + Cabrio:

1. Chad Campbell

2. Matt Langley

3. Eadrich Clarke

MK3 Jetta:

1. Ryan Mitchell

2. Steve Gelb

3. Ethan Krieger

MK4 Golf:

1. Jason Zatrock

2. Bill Nagle

3. Patrick Rhodes

MK4 Jetta:

1. Jeff Miller

2. Daniel Edelbaum

3. Paul Gawlik


1. Ronald Byron

2. Jamey Armsmeyer


1. Jason Liverberger


1. Jason Thomas


1. Ed Thomas

2. Chris Cova

3. Jim Morin

Brit Look:

1. Steel Seitzinger

2. Danielle du Vernoy

3. Eric Leitner

Tuner/Motorsport Look:

1. Jeff Donelley

2. JJ Larson

3. Craig Vickery

German Look:

1. Chris Zeh

2. Cory Sterling

3. Jay Lehrman

Top Dog:

1. Jeffrey Bynum

2. Jorge Goncalves

3. Rick LeMunyon

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