Nothing Leaves Stock Grand Re-Opening

Whether it’s motor swaps, full race car builds or throwing a housewarming party at their new location with 3-D projectors and a birthday cake for the Golf’s 40th Birthday, Josh Paashaus and the staff of Nothing Leaves Stock like to do things differently.  The Center Valley, Pennsylvania-based shop recently relocated to a much larger facility in Center Valley, PA and gave an open invitation to local enthusiasts to get an up close view of what they do on a daily basis.

First and foremost, the new shop is larger. In essence, this can only be a good thing, because it means more of what Nothing Leaves Stock has come to be known for…. quality and most original builds usually of the Volkswagen or Audi variety with a full gallery at the bottom of this story.


Josh and his crew had a number of older Golfs, Cabbys, an R32 Turbo and a VRT Corrado that the shop had built or worked on being displayed, as well as one of their now infamous One Lap of America Mk5 GTIs. In true Nothing Leaves Stock fashion, each of them had something special.  The white Mk1 Golf at the top of this article for instance is a VR6 with fitted turbo, receiving a shaved bay and 02a transmission swap.


The shop prides itself in making complete solutions for the needs of their clients, and isn’t afraid to go against the grain when it comes to trends within the scene.  Instead of Air suspension and stance-driven builds, Nothing Leaves Stock focuses on outright power and functionality while looking the part- a common theme amongst the builds on display during the event.


In talking to Josh, you quickly find out that he is a hot-rodder at heart, and the cars his shop builds are representative of that style.  Be it a motor swap, turbo and supercharger builds, or full-on race car builds for events like the One Lap of America, Josh likes to push the envelope and gravitates to more difficult projects.  This is extremely evident in his builds for the One Lap of America event, most notably the white car that he has named Nefarious.  Featuring a full motor build with a dry sump system and larger turbo, full race suspension with solid bushings, a rear wing from a GT3 Cup car, and weighing in at 2730lbs, it displays the level of workmanship and attention to detail that is customary with the builds that happen within the shop’s walls.


While this may put them at odds with some, the attendance of Nothing Leaves Stock’s Grand Re-Opening and his yearly Cult Classic car show prove that Josh and his employees are doing something very right.


An additional focal point of the event was a projection mapping demonstration using a Rossion Q1 as the screen.  The entire demonstration can be seen in the video below.

Check out the full gallery below, and feel free to reach out to Nothing Leaves Stock directly, here.