Ten Best of Waterfest 2014: MK5

Waterfest 2014 may have already come and gone, but it is still front and center in our minds.  With nearly 1700 shutter actuations, we realize that it can be a bit overwhelming to go through all of our galleries.  Keeping that in mind, we will be assembling our ten favorite cars from each of our Waterfest sub-galleries throughout the week.  Let’s keep it going with the fifth generation Golf and Jetta.


Kicking things off is this white GTI from the NGP Booth, due to it’s track-focused style with Big Brakes, lightweight wheels and sticky rubber.  We have no doubt that this car will be on track at Dub Deliverance, and we’re looking forward to seeing it in action.


A Jetta on Air and Sawblades?  Yes.  Because the Sawblades are finished in wood grain- see what they did there?  We did, and we liked it.


This R32 pulled off the motorsports theme well, with RPF1s, tack-on flares, a red tow hook and aggressive ride height.  This car and its blue “twin” kept us coming back for more.


Sitting on Wrangler wheels and Air suspension, this Rabbit had one of the cleanest engine bays we have seen.  The impressive bodywork extended from under hood to the exterior as well, with shaved side markers and door handles.


A simple Candy White GTI with a clean air ride install and impressively tucked CCW wheels with huge lips front and rear.  We dug it.


This GLI was impressive for a number of reasons, but we’ll focus in on the brown-lipped wheels and air ride install.


A Jetta front end swap, black mirrors and stunning copper finished wheels made this one catch our attention in the show field.


Air Ride, clean bodywork and stunning fifteen52 wheels made this one of our favorites.


You can’t go wrong with BBS LMs and a great stance, and this car pulled it off well.


A full respray, Jetta front end swap, air suspension and incredible fitment in a tidy package made this GTI one of the most impressive cars at Waterfest.

So how did we do?  Be sure to let us know if we missed anything in the comments below.