V-Dub Deliverance

Nestled out in the Shenandoah foothills, Summit Point Raceway has been a long-time favorite among East Coast road racers. With the addition of the new Shenandoah Circuit, which tests the abilities of both the driver and car alike on a twisty and narrow 2.2-mile course. Many of the corners modeled after the infamous Nurburgring in Germany provide fast entertainment and challenges for the average student.

The Shenandoah Circuit is also where Trackdaze.com (www.trackdaze.com) decided to kick-off their first event of the 2007 high performance drivers school specifically for the Volkswagen R32 crowd. As attendance would show with over 60 total VW’s present and 34 of which were R32’s this definitely wasn’t an all R32 driver event. Fortunately the weather held out with clear skies and near perfect temperatures. For the Washington, DC/Virginia area that means no crazy high humidity that would normally threaten to bake all students and instructors alike in their cars.

Students were given the opportunity to drive 4 sessions a day over the two day event. While the 25 minute sessions doesn’t sound like a lot, by the end of the first day there were quite a few exhausted folks lying around the paddock.

Also in attendance was VWoA with several “show” cars including a Farhenheit GTI, SEMA R-GTI, MKV R32, and a specially prepped MKV GTI by Volkswagen Racing. VWoA was gracious enough to lend staff to take many students out on track in these cars for “fun” rides to show what the new line-up of cars is capable on track. Of course many of these cars will hopefully not be pushed this hard on the street, but in this closed environment it showed many of those in attendance what the new cars are truly capable of even in “stock” forms.

Special thanks goes out to Inducktion Motorsports, HPA Motorsports, VAD Mobile and Privat who provided a set of wheels that was auctioned off to participants. Also a big thanks to all that volunteered including the Get Fast crew and others that supported the event.

Overall this first Trackdaze event was a complete and safe success for all that attended. The hope of many that attended was for first timers to return to run their daily cars that we all as enthusiast tend to “slightly” modify to see what these mods will do in a performance environment. For more information about upcoming track events check out www.trackdaze.com.

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