Waterfest 2016: The Golfs

We’re back with another gallery from Waterfest 2016 and this time we’re covering the show’s many Golfs. Although they differ mightily from one car to the next, it’s safe to say that the interplay of  fenders and wheels was, as it always is, a major aesthetic consideration for these hot hatches. Be they hella flush or deliciously wide, the Golfs of this year’s show were a masterclass in stance.

Joining them, were Volkswagen’s own Enthusiast Event Golfs. A 1.8T–designed as an homage to the bali green Mk1–and the purple and gold GTI. Both are on H&R coilovers, both are in eye catching colors, and both have been going around the nation hitting the major VW shows, so fear not if you missed Watefest they’ll be at H2O, too.

Come back tomorrow at this time to read a list of our favorites from the show. And thanks again to Jamie Orr of Orchid Euro for these shots.