Waterfest Preview: Volkswagen Perspective

In case you weren’t already aware, the largest Audi and Volkswagen enthusiast show of the year takes place this coming weekend at Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ. Spanning both Saturday and Sunday, last year’s event boasted nearly 25,000 avid fans of Audi and Volkswagen models, not to mention a huge vendor area, car show, drag racing and auto crossing. Even better, weather this year is expected to be incredibly good thanks to a lack of rain and a massive cooling courtesy of the polar vortex.

What you’ll see:


Though not the headline feature, we list the vendor area first and foremost. Waterfest has become the place to see and/or buy almost anything for your car. Vendors range from tuning shops to parts manufacturers and even used parts guys. The size and scope of the vendor area is really unrivalled in the American show scene and worth checking out if you are at all interested in purchasing something for your car. In addition, some of the coolest modified cars skip the auto show and get displayed in vendor displays much like they do at SEMA.


Quarter Mile Dragstrip
It is what it is. That said, there’s a lot of new hardware out there. From home-built craziness to factory tuned juggernauts like the Audi RS 7, we’re hoping to see plenty squaring off on a long strip of tarmac, and with plenty of grand stands on either side for watching the show.


Car Show
Hundreds will display here. Even more will park in the exhibition “fun” field. Checking out others’ cars is one of our favorite pastimes at Waterfest because you never know what you’re going to see or be inspired by.


Tudor Series Drivers Including Nurburgring 24 Winner
After hanging out at the Paul Miller Audi dealership in NJ on Saturday, Paul Miller Motorsports drivers Christopher Haase and Bryce Miller will be heading to Waterfest on Sunday. No doubt they’ll be hanging out at the Paul Miller space in the vendor area. If you’re a motorsport fan, you should definitely stop by for an autograph and maybe congratulate Haase on his 24 Hours of Nurburgring win just a few weeks ago.

If that’s not enough to draw you out to Waterfest, then we’re not sure what will. See you there.