Worthersee 2014 Photo Gallery: Day 1

[photos: Si Gray]

The main event is over a week away, but such is the case with the world’s largest gathering of VAG enthusiasts that thorough coverage of Worthersee really must start well ahead of the main show days. Why? Well, a lot of the more serious attendees like to get an early start with their incredibly built cars well before the main crowd of VAG nutters even hit the road. Fortunately for us, UK-based photographer Si Gray has just arrived on location.


Si checked in with us around 1AM local time with this first wave of photos. By that time he’d spent 15 hours traveling, first by ferry and then another 12 1/2 hours driving for a total of 725 miles from his base in England. The trip also included a detour through Luxembourg and France. They even had to catch some sleep in the car because they were too early for their hotel. Perhaps in some ways, the trip to Worthersee is quite an endurance race of its own.


Si will be reporting in daily for the coming days and I’ll be heading over myself next week and just in time for the reveal of whatever Volkswagen concept Wolfsburg has planned. Expect to be inundated with coverage from the event on basically a daily basis and all of that starting now.


We’ll be uploading each day’s photos into our master photo gallery, which is linked in the usual spot on the right of the page. We hope you enjoy the coverage.