A/b: 1991 GTI 16v

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Q: How long have you owned this car?

A: I’ve had it about a year now.

Q: Is there anything unique about the history of this car?

A: This is one of the few original GTI 16vs left that have not been modded into oblivion. I drove over six hours just to look at it, then drove it home in eight hours through the night and rain with no rear brakes and NO radio.

Q: Why did you choose this car to purchase?

A: The MkII Golf has always been a car that I had loved. When I was a kid I didn’t know what kind of car it was, but I knew I wanted that boxy thing with the four round headlights.

Q: What other cars did you consider?

A: The MkIII GTI VR6, and (gasp) Honda Civic Hatchback EG.

Q: What was your objective with this car?

A: Keep it as factory as possible, but still daily drive it, and have fun with it.

Q: What tuning style would you describe this car as?

A: OEM Plus.

Q: Who helped you build this car?

A: I’ve done most of the work myself out in my parent’s garage with nothing but a scissor jack and a couple of Craftsman ratchet sets. My father has helped me a lot, as well as my other friends who drive a variety of different cars.

Q: What makes your car special?

A: “Those wheels are stock?” The reaction it gets due to it being a nearly 100% original GTI 16v 2.0.

Q: What is your favorite part/feature/function?

A: The factory Recaros are nice. I love the BBS RMs, and the 16v is a fun motor (when it works).

Q: Who or what inspired the direction of modifications on this car?

A: My own personal tastes and a combination of my favorite cars from the VW community.

Q: What don’t you like about this car?

A: CIS-E Motronic.

Q: What was your biggest obstacle in building this car?

A: Hmm….CIS-E Motronic.

Q: How did you overcome the issue?

A: I ripped it out.

Q: What would you change if you could?

A: The fact that this car came with CIS-E Motronic from the factory.

Q: On a scale of 1 to 10, how satisfied are you with the outcome of this project?

A: Well, the “real” project has really just started, so I can’t really rate it yet.

Q: What would you do to the car if money were no object?

A: 16v Turbo.

Q: Who has been your biggest critic of this project?

A: My mom, and all of my Honda driving friends (I know you’re reading this).

Q: What do your family and friends say about this car?

A: My family seems to like that I’m so enthusiastic about the car. My friends think I’m crazy, and want me to get single rounds (it’s not happening).

Q: What is your most memorable/humorous/embarrassing moment with this car?

A: It wouldn’t start after coming out of a restaurant one night. Literally after beating on the air plate, it finally started. I can also never forget that night where the throttle cable broke, and I had to get under the dash and reconnect the cable to the pedal every ten minutes.

Q: Has this car competed in any events?

A: Not yet – H20, maybe.

Q: What is your favorite place to drive this car?

A: Harford Road (MD locals will understand).

Q: What is your ideal day with this car?

A: Any day that it’s running, and it’s not raining.

Q: Who gets to drive this car?

A: Me. I get to drive it, too. Myself, occassionally.

Q: If your car had a motto, what would it be?

A: “It’s the Siiiiiiixteeeen Valve!!”

Q: If you had to name your car, what would you name it?

A: Beater.

Q: What was your previous project?

A: It wasn’t really a project, but my first car was a 1995 GTI 2.0l.

Q: What is your next project?

A: Finding a real girl – this one’s too expensive.

Q: What one word best describes your car?

A: Oops.

Q: Other info you’d like to share?

A: The car is currently undergoing a Digifant I engine management swap. Here’s a link to that thread in the Golf/Jetta II Forum: More Information

Owner Information:

Name- Ryan Ward

Address- Baltimore, Maryland

E-mail- nodcommander51@hotmail.com

Username- Kingofnod

Occupation- Food prep/cook

Club Affiliations- 4ten yo. (not a real club yet)

Vehicle Information:

Year- 1991

Make- Volkswagen

Model- GTI

Mileage- 144,584

Original Color- Tornado Red (LY3D)

Current Color- Tornado Red (LY3D)

Engine- 2.0 16v

Engine Modifications- Digifant I Swap in progress. Will have fully rebuilt head with Techtonics sport cams

Exhaust Modifications- Techtonics 2.25″ Aluminized exhaust with Dynomax muffler

Transmission Modifications- Stock

Suspension Modifications- Bilstein shocks, H&R 1.5″ lowering springs

Brake Modifications- Crossdrilled rotors/stock

Wheels and Tires- BBS RM (Restored factory wheels), Bridgestone Potenze S0-3 Pole Position Tires

Exterior/Body Modifications- Stock

Interior Modifications- Stock

Audio/Video/I.C.E.- Pioneer headunit

Thanks/Props- Anyone who has ever helped, or given me information about this car

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