A/b – New Changes

We’d like to take a moment to fill in our readers on a few recent changes to our AUTObiography features series.

So far, we’ve received many excellent submissions, and the response to the installments already published has been excellent. Please keep the submissions coming, and don’t forget to try to make your answers as interesting as possible – these stories are as much about the owners as their cars.

Recently, we’ve separated the A/b series into its own Features sub-category. This will make them easier to locate and it will keep previously published installments in one location.

To sweeten the deal even further, we’re proud to announce starting Wednesday, July 7, NGP Racing will be sponsoring the next 12 AUTObiography installments. What this means to our readers is that each of the 12 readers selected will receive a $50.00 gift certificate, courtesy of NGP Racing!

Thanks again for all your participation, and please look for our next A/b installment next Wednesday.

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