AUTObiography BlackNight’s 2004 R32

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Next up is VWvortex reader: BlackNight

How long have you owned this car?

Since August 2009

Is there anything unique about the history of this car?

It started its life in Las Vegas and through 4 owners ended up here in Anchorage, Alaska

What drew you to this specific car?

I wanted a R32 since the first day I saw that Volkswagen was making one. When it was slated for the states I put money down on one. I had a money problem come up and was unable to buy it. So getting one 5 years later was a dream come true.

What other cars did you consider? 

Well, I already had a ’97 Jetta VR6, I also had a ’99 Audi A8 that was traded in for the R32.

What was your objective with this car? 

I went with a Red\Black theme, I just wanted it to look different without getting to wild.

What tuning style would you describe this car as? 

OEM+, I have put OEM parts to upgrade the car. Lighted vents (From the Jetta) OEM Radio with Bluetooth and USB\AUX plugs, comfort turn signels…Etc.

Who helped you build this car? 

My Good friend Patrick Starkey (ENRGZR), and CCA motorsport

What makes your car special? 

There aren’t a whole lot of MKIV R32’s in Alaska. With the things I have done to it, it stands out from the other R32’s here.

What is your favorite part/feature/function? 

I installed the Flapper mod so I can switch the exhaust from loud to quit. I love when I get pulled over and the cop is confussed why the car is not making the sound they thought they heard…LOL

Who or what inspired the direction of modifications on this car? 

I was not sure what I wanted to do at first, but then CCA Motorsport got some DI-Noc carbon vinyl and we put on the roof. I liked it so much I kept it on. So the Red\Black theme started.

What don’t you like about this car? 

Nothing, Its everything I thought it would be and more. Volkswagen did a good job on this car.

What was your biggest obstacle in building this car? 

Having a hard time deciding what I wanted to do. Patrick has been a great help in that area.

How did you overcome the issue?

Once the roof was done, it was all fun from there.

What would you change if you could?

Nothing, I love it as it is.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how satisfied are you with the outcome of this project?

It’s a 6, there is a lot more to do to it.

What would you do to the car if money were no object? 

It would be getting the C2 Stage 3 Turbo right now instead of later.

Who has been your biggest critic of this project? 

I would have to say Patrick and I, I bounce stuff off him and vice versa.

What do your family and friends say about this car? 

Everyone that see’s it love it. I’m told it really does stand out and looks good.

What is your most memorable/humorous/embarrassing moment with this car? 

It was last winter, I had a cop pull me over. I had punched the gas and he thought I was running from him because he had never seen a GTI get up and go that fast on Ice\Snow. Then I told him it was a R32 with AWD. He was in Awe. Then told me be safe and have fun.

Has this car competed in any events? 

Not yet, we will see about that in 2011.

What is your favorite place to drive this car? 

I love to drive this car in downtown Anchorage on 5th Ave. The Exhaust note bounces between all the buildings, turns a lot of heads.

What is your ideal day with this car? 

Driving with my Local Club (AkEuro) on a cruise taking pictures.

Who gets to drive this car? 

Me, Patrick, and my Brother Morgan.

If your car had a motto, what would it be? 


If you had to name your car, what would you name it?

It’s called Redalert2 (RALRT2), its number after my ’97 Jetta VR6.

What was your previous project?

1997 Jetta GLX VR6 Tornado Red

What is your next project?

I’m not sure, but it’ll be fun

What one word best describes your car?


Any regrets? Tell us about it.

Nope, love everything about it.

Owner Information:

Name- Lee Metcalf

Address- Anchorage, Alaska

VWvortex Username- BlackNight

Occupation- Computer Network Engineer

Club Affiliations- VwVortex, AkEuro

Vehicle Information:

Year- 2004

Make- Volkswagen

Model- R32

Mileage- 58,000 Miles

Color (Include original if applicable)- Tornado Red

Engine- 3.2 VR6

Engine Modifications- KN Panel Filter, C2 Software

Exhaust Modifications- Stock with Flapper Mod Switch

Transmission Modifications- Short Shifter, Haldex Blue Controller

Suspension Modifications- H&R Sport Springs

Brake Modifications- Mintex Red Brake pads

Wheels and Tires- 18” OZ Ultraleggras

Exterior/Body Modifications- Di-Noc Carbon Vinyl Roof, Smoked SideMarkers, Taillights, Projecter headlights with Angle Eyes and 6K HID’s, Painted Black mirrors and Grille.

Interior Modifications- Jetta Lighted Heater vents, Euro Headlight Switch, Comfort Turn Signel, Eurosport rear strut bar

Audio/Video/I.C.E.- Stock VW Mexican Radio with Bluetooth, USB, and AUX plug.

Thanks/Props-  Thanks to CCA Motorsport for the shop time, Patrick Starkey for all the help installing Mods and future Mods.

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