AUTObiography: Chappalappa’s 1992 VW Corrado

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Next up is VWvortex reader: Chappalappa

How long have you owned this car?

About four years.

Is there anything unique about the history of this car?

I bought it from a guy who lived in a mobile home park that taught accordion lessons. He actually had two Corrados.

Why did you choose this car to purchase?

I fell in love with the Corrado body style after attending a Eurosport dyno day in SoCal.

When I first saw it, I asked my cousin, “What the hell is that thing?”

What other cars did you consider?

I wanted a VW. Almost bought a MKI Rabbit and also almost bought a MKI Caddy.

What was your objective with this car?

Show non-VW people how cool a Corrado is! Peoples’ heads are always turning no matter what city I’m in!

What tuning style best describes this car (ex. Euro, bling, OEMplus, street racer, auto crosser)?

Honestly, my car is a little bit of everything… I have gone through many different stages, all of which are mentioned above!

Who helped you build this car?

I built this car while going through the auto program at my local community college, so I would say Deanza College in Cupertino, California.

What makes your car special?

It’s bright, loud and low… most people love it but cops sure do hate it!

What is your favorite part/feature/function?

The sound is awesome. Straight pipes on a VR with cams is the best sound in the world!

Who or what inspired the direction of modifications on this car?

I basically took things I liked from other cars and made them my own. Mostly people from my car club helped me when I was unsure of things!

What don’t you like about this car?

The fact that it’s my only car kind of sucks! The seats aren’t too comfy on long rides!

What was your biggest obstacle in building this car?

Money… like every one of my projects, I built this car while being a full time student.

How did you overcome the issue?

Worked and did side jobs on friends’ VWs.

What would you change if you could?

I would get some different seats, and maybe go back and just do things completely right the first time.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how satisfied are you with the outcome of this project?

7.5. With a few more things it will be a 10.

What would you do to the car if money were no object?

Make everything perfect and keep it in the garage, only drive it on nice sunny days.

Who has been your biggest critic of this project?

My parents! After getting in some trouble in the Corrado, they absolutely hated it!

What do your family and friends say about this car?

All my friends love the car! Some of my family thinks it’s dumb how much time and money I have spent on it.

What is your most memorable/humorous/embarrassing moment with this car?

I got pulled over and arrested for racing in this car… learned my lesson and took my car in a different direction.

Has this car competed in any events? Results?

I have competed in many events, a few autocrosses and quite a few car shows, took home quite a few second place plaques and a couple first place plaques.

What is your favorite place to drive this car?

On a smooth open road with no other cars around.

What is your ideal day with this car?

Clean it up, meet up with a bunch of friends, hang out, and cruise.

Who gets to drive this car?

Me, myself and I! Only a few lucky people have driven it.

If your car had a motto, what would it be?

Not low enough!

If you had to name your car, what would you name it?

My screen name is pretty much the name of my car… Chappalappa.

What was your previous project?

A 1965 International Scout.

What is your next project?

I would like to think an ‘01 or ‘02 Audi S4.

What one word best describes your car?


Anything else you’d like to share?

I lost interest in this car a few years back. If it wasn’t for my car club, Watercooled Militia, my car would not be like this today! Thanks!

Owner Information:

Name: Cole Fisher

VWvortex username: Chappalappa

Occupation: Mechanic

Club affiliations:

Vehicle Information:

Year: 1992

Make: VW

Model: Corrado

Mileage: 210,000

Original color: Red

Current color: Red

Engine: 2.8 VR6

Engine modifications: 2.9 clone intake manifold, DSR 256 cams, GIAC chip, Autotech lightened flywheel, Neuspeed pulleys, Neuspeed p-flow intake, A/C delete, ARP head studs, ARP rod bolts, solid engine mounts

Exhaust modifications: Electronic exhaust cutout, gutted cat

Transmission modifications: Dieselgeek short shifter

Suspension modifications: B&G coilovers, poly control arm bushings, Autotech front stress bar, Eurosport rear stress bar, Autotech front sway bar

Brake modifications: Stainless brake lines

Wheels and tires: 16x7” Konig Maxxim Remembers, 205/40/16 Toyo Proxes tires

Exterior/body modifications: Shaved rub strips, black emblems, e-code headlights, badgeless grille, front Euro lip, smoked sidemarkers, tinted tails, Euro plate, Passat moonroof

Interior modifications: Black headliner, Corbeau Forza seats with harnesses, Autopower bolt-in cage, MOMO steering wheel and shift knob

Audio/video/I.C.E.: Alpine CDA-9856 head unit with iPod, Alpine V12 4-channel amp, Alpine V12 mono amp, Kicker 12″ sub

Thanks/props: Watercooled militia! Photos by Wendell Willkom.

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