AUTObiography louievdub’s 2004 R32

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How long have you owned this car?

I’ve had it now for 4 wonderful years and counting.

Is there anything unique about the history of this car?

It took me 2 years to find it and I traded my 2004 V8 Touareg for it. (Didn’t have much luck with VW SUV)

What drew you to this specific car?

Personally I think the R32 is the best sports car VW ever built.

What other cars did you consider?

None really. I put it in my head that I wanted one and went with it.

What was your objective with this car?

To make her into a show car, and so far she placed 7 times she hasn’t let me down yet.

What tuning style would you describe this car as?

Strictly euro look.

Who helped you build this car?

Well the ideas and the direction I wanted to go with the car was mine, but the mechanics were done by Tyrolsport and the exterior was done by Myers Custom Body Works.

What makes your car special?

The fact of the matter is that it always seems to put a silly smile on my face from ear to ear everytime I drive her.

What is your favorite part/feature/function?

Without question the Stage 2 VF Supercharger.

Who or what inspired the direction of modifications on this car?

I really wanted a euro look so I took my time and I’m pleased with the outcome.

What don’t you like about the car?

Don’t like??  I love my car would not change a thing.

What was your biggest obstacle in building this car?

The usual. $$$$$$$$$$$$

How did you over come the issue?

I took my time(4 yrs). Saw which way I wanted to go and never looked back.

What would you change if you could?

Absolutely nothing in my eyes. She is perfect.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how satisfied are you with the outcome of this project?

A perfect 10. Like I said before, in my eyes she is a perfect 10.

What would you do to the car if money was no object?

What I wanted the most for the car after 4 yrs. It’s finally bolted to the car: the supercharger.

Who has been your biggest critic of this project?

Me, I’m a nitpicking royal pain in the backside.

What do your family and friends say about this car?

My family thinks I’m out of my mind with the car. My fellow vdubers love her.

What is your most memorable/humorous/embarrassing moment with this car?

When they called my name at Waterfest 13, and I received first place in my first VW show.

Has the car competed in any events?

Yes as of date she gave me 2 first place, 2 second place, and 3 third place finishes.

What is your favorite place to drive this car?

I’m a beach lover and I live by the beach. They just finished paving this nice little winding road there and I just love to drive it.

What is your ideal day with this car?

A bunch of Vdubbers heading to a VW car show together.

Who gets to drive this car?

Nooooooooobody but your truly.

If your car had a motto, what would it be?

Euro racer/show contender (Can’t win every show)

If you had to name your car,what would you name it?


What was your previous project?

My Black Stallion 2001 GTI VR6 12V. (She gave me first and third place)

What is your next project?

There is no next project. She is it, I can not do any better. (Unless I hit the Lotto then maybe……….) 

What one word best describes your car?


Any regrets? Tell us about it.

There is none had/having a ball with her.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Just want to give mention to my past Volkswagens/Audis.

1985 Audi 4000s, 1990 Jetta GL, 1985 GTI, 1997 Passat, 1997 GTI, 2001 GTI, 2004 Touareg

Owner Information:

Name- Louie

Address- Brooklyn, NY

Occupation- Construction worker

Club Affiliations- None

Vehicle Information:

Year- 2004

Make- Volkswagen

Model- R32

Mileage- 27,000

Color- Deep Blue Pearl

Engine- 3.2 VR6

Engine modifications- VF Engineering Stage 2 Supercharger

Exhaust modification- Borla cat back

Transmission modifications- Haldex sport performance

Suspension modifications- Neuspeed sport springs, Bilstien sport struts/shocks, Neuspeed f/r swaybars, Yarrowsport upper rear stress bar, Neuspeed front stress bar and Neuspeed lower control arm stress bar

Brake modifications- Neuspeed f/r slotted rotors, Hawk brake pads, Mogul racing brake fluid

Wheels and tires- ASA GT1 wheels, Goodyear Eagle F1 tires

Exterior/body modifications- Oettinger turbo grill, Seat R front lower lip spoiler, Kamei eye lids, Kamei rear hatch spoiler, Polo rear wiper convertion, Euro tail lights with fogs lights in them, and Ziza performance lighting/bulbs throughout car

Interior modifications- JP Caps front seats billet knobs and AIE vents, carbon fiber dash inserts, in-dash billit gauges

Audio/video/I.C.E.- None pulled out radio to make room for in-dash gauges


Thanks/props- Would like to thank Mike and his crew from Tyrol sport and Myers Custom Body Works… thanks a lot guys.