AUTObiography- Monster8v’s 1980 Scirocco S

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Next up, and winner of this week’s NGP Racing $50.00 gift certificate is VWvortex reader: Monster8v

How long have you owned this car? Just over 2 years.

Is there anything unique about the history of this car? Sadly, I know nothing of the history of this car other than the previous owner(s) for the most part, took really good care of the car. Except for the body which seems to have taken some mild abuse over the years.

Why did you choose this car to purchase? I originally bought the car to part it out to my other projects. The price was right, $800 as it sat with a blown tranny! After getting the car home, I started cleaning oxidation off the body and ended up cleaning up the engine bay, I found it was in better shape than the car I planned on putting all the parts into!

What other cars did you consider? There are other cars besides Sciroccos?? This is strange to me.

What was your objective with this car?It was to be a parts car when I bought it. Who’d a thunk?

What tuning style would you describe this car as? Once the car was upgraded from parts car to a driver, it was to replace my 82 Scirocco that my wife wrecked in 02’. Even then I hardly drove it at the time. That bumped it up to be an occasional Autocrosser that still saw some grocery getter action. Then early this year, I was introduced to this new class of racing called Time Trials with NASA. At the time, that was to be the last evolution the car that I had planned for it, before my intentions to return it back to daily driver status once my dedicated track car was completed. When I started looking at all the work I already had in the car versus the amount of work required to make the other Scirocco a track car, it just made better sense to finish the car as a dedicated track car. Perhaps I will still build the other Scirocco as a track car and have 2!

Who helped you build this car? That would be me and only me up until recently when I had Chris at DRS build me a head. Evo at Renner built my tranny for me right after I got the car. I built the cage with the help of Mike Potter. Other than that, I do all my own work on the car. I’m also the crew chief, tire changer, Main Sponsor and the fuel guy at the track. A humble 1-man team. The main credit for the car even being is Mike Potter. Without him, I’d be driving a Chevy.

What makes your car special? It’s an old forgotten car that I’ve put less than $5,000 into and it’s a competitive car on the track. In its first year of racing with NASA, it took 11 wins and a second place in 12 total events. It currently holds 4 track records on 3 tracks. There simply aren’t many of them on the track but I think this is a period of renaissance for the Scirocco at the track .

What is your favorite part/feature/function? My favorite part of the car is the styling of the body lines on the car. I love the fact that it pulls 1.34 g max and can consistently pull 1.28 g on most any track I that go to.

I love the fact that people with twice the HP come up to my car after an event asking what I have in it. It’s small, light yet doesn’t have a lot of power; however it’s set up very well for the track. It definitely surprises people. I think I love that the most.

Who or what inspired the direction of modifications on this car? One man, Mike Potter. He knows exactly what works and what doesn’t work on these cars. I tried to do my own suspension project, which worked OK at the time, but his advice to use H&R coilovers completely transformed the car to what it is today.

What don’t you like about this car? It’s Mars Red. I can live with it.

What was your biggest obstacle in building this car? There really hasn’t been any until recently. This car has slowly evolved as I keep finding a need for it. Now that I’ve chosen to compete in 2 racing classes, I’m finding that the financial requirements are starting to exceed my ability to earn. All I (all racers, really) need is a sponsor to help make my racing dream a reality.

What would you change if you could? Currently I’m held to a strict modifications point system with NASA. If I add 1 more point, I move up another class. I think I’ll stay here in TTE a little while. Id love to add more power and eventually do a 1.8T swap. Think of how many championships I could win with that!

On a scale of 1 to 10, how satisfied are you with the outcome of this project? 8. It’s not perfect, mostly because it’s not quite done yet. I sometimes don’t have the time to do all the little things I keep telling myself I need to get done before the next event. Performance-wise, it’s a 9.5, Looks-wise, it will likely never get into a magazine because its not quite perdy enough. That will be fixed eventually. I did win over $500 in body work certificates when I won the TTE championship this year. So who knows, it might happen sooner than later!

What would you do to the car if money were no object? Hmm, money is NO object…..? I’d have a sweet track car. Carbon fiber panels (doors, hatch, hood, flared fenders, dash) 2.0T, 6-spd tranny, full racing radio system, custom suspension, only the best parts available in the world.

Who has been your biggest critic of this project? I don’t know because if there have been any, I don’t listen to begin with. If there were, it would be Kristen Potter. She’s my biggest Critic!

What do your family and friends say about this car? “It’s a what”?

What is your most memorable/humorous/embarrassing moment with this car? I don’t have a MOST in any of those categories yet, just a bunch of lesser ones.

Memorable- catching and passing big V8 cars, Porsche, and one in partictular STi at Buttonwillow.

Humorous- probably when I was heading out on the track with a passenger and his video camera, he got a funny moment with me describing the changes I had just made to the car. (had to be there or see the video.)

Embarrassing- that would have to be each of my 3 and only spins I’ve had in the car over the total time its been on the track. I don’t know why, spinning is part of pushing the limits of the car, however I still get very embarrassed after a spin.

Has this car competed in any events? Oh yeah! I run in the TT (Time Trial) events with socal NASA in the TTE class where it is competitive against the Hondas and Acuras, Fords and others. I’m also competing in the new PT series (Performance Touring) which uses the same rules as Time Trials but it’s full-on wheel-to-wheel racing. I will also be at the first ever NASA Nationals event at Mid Ohio which I am really excited about doing.

Results? So far so good. I missed the first event of the year in 2005 which made me start out behind in the points, but I was able to close up the points gap on the class leader. I had a good run of luck and won all but 1 event and held on to win the Championship in TTE.

What is your favorite place to drive this car? Buttonwillow! This car owns that track.

What is your ideal day with this car? Ideal…… I’d say running all day without issues and in the end, is faster than it needs to be to win. This happens a lot actually, I just hope this becomes more routine rather than ideal.

Who gets to drive this car? Myself and a select few who can handle it. I’ll even let the wife drive it.

If your car had a motto, what would it be? Hmm…. Not sure.

If you had to name your car, what would you name it? Dr. Momentum.

What was your previous project? 6 other Sciroccos, a Jetta GLI and a Beetle Turbo S (Still have them.)

What is your next project? Next project? Like I need another one. See list above for projects I need to finish.

What one word best describes your car? Up until all the stickers were put on the car, it would have been “Sleeper”. Since it’s evolved yet again, it hasn’t had time to gain a new description.

Other info you’d like to share? For the most part this is a one-man operation. I’m the pit crew, mechanic, engineer, tow vehicle driver and the bank for this little hobby of mine. I see these highly funded teams at the track and just imagine what I could do with their budget! WOW! Yes, I’d still be in a Scirocco! It’s been a fun car to drive and yes, all the racing is taking its toll on the car as far as parts failures recently. That’s just racing! It gets fixed and it will be back out.

Owner Information:

Name- Shawn Meze

Address-Santee, CA

Username in VWvortex Forums- Monster8v



Vehicle Information:



Model-Scirocco “S”

Original Color-Mars Red

Current Color-chipped, dented, scratched mars Red

Engine-2.0L 8V

Engine Modifications- Stock ABA short block, P&P solid lifter 8V, titanium retainers, HD valve springs, 42mm intake valves and 36mm exhaust valves with 7mm valve stems, TT 306 cam, Neuspeed cam gear, Extrude Honed intake manifold.

Exhaust Modifications- Eurosport race header with 2-1/4” cat-back exhaust (no cat) to a Magnaflow 6” muffler

Transmission Modifications- 4K tranny with Quaife differential. VW Motorsport motor mounts

Suspension Modifications- Neuspeed 22mm front and 25mm rear swaybars, Eurosport upper front, lower front and upper rear stress bars, H&R Coilovers

Brake Modifications- Stock 9.4” brakes with ATE rotors, 16v rear disc, Hawk race pads and Super Blue racing fluid

Wheels and Tires- Depending on the track (for gearing): Keiser 13”X8” wheels with 235/45ZR13 Kuhmo’s V700, Konig Rewind 15”X7” wheels with 205/50ZR15 Kuhmo’s V710. Ronal Turbo 15”X7” with 195/50R15 Kuhmo’s (street and rain setup)

Exterior/Body Modifications- Kamei air dam, cold air intake system (deleted left-hand low-beam headlight), Sparco Hood Pins

Interior Modifications- No rear seats, Momo shift knob, Momo NASCAR racing seat (driver) Jamex seat (passenger), G-force 5-point harness belts, Neuspeed short shifter, Pure Motorsports pedal covers, Cool suit system, Hard-wired transponder, G-force

window net, 6-point cage.

Audio/Video/I.C.E.- No ice. In-car camera and a G-tech Pro instead.

Thanks/Props- Big thanks to my wife Julie for accepting that racing is what I do in this life; she doesn’t interfere with it even though she doesn’t understand it. Mike Potter ( for all of his help and support for all the years of friendship we have been racing together.

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