Where’s The Jetta V?

With all the debates going on over what the new Jetta really looks like, it seems to me that the real question should be, “Why is VW being so secretive about the Jetta V?” Nearly one year ago a press release (also containing pictures) was issued detailing the specs, new features, and performance qualities of the fifth generation Golf. This absolutely begs the question as to why VW hasn’t done the same with the Jetta, since it is by far the most popular car in the American market.

First of all, this could have to do with sales. It is a known fact that VW sales are down tremendously in the US and Golf V sales in Europe are somewhat less than VW has expected. Company-wide profits are down over 80% from last year (source: sales figures, posted on vwvortex.com). This can mostly be attributed to a periodic down-time in the general auto market, so it’s not entirely VW’s fault. Perhaps Volkswagen doesn’t want to further weaken the sales of the Golf V further with anticipation for the Jetta.

Another possible reason for VW’s lack of press on the Jetta could simply be to build anticipation for the Jetta. People all over have been talking about what it looks like, what the engines will be (I think they will most likely be the same as the Golf V), and so on. VW could have quietly slipped out those photos of the blue and grey Jetta V that have been floating around so recently to mislead people into thinking that this is the new Jetta. Car companies often do this to get people excited about the car, and also “float the idea” to gauge response to the car, in order to see if changes need to be made to styling and other such things. Wouldn’t it be cool if the Jetta turned out to be completely different from the spy-pics and it ended up being an absolutely stunning car, full of performance, style, and economy? On the other hand, perhaps initial styling studies and internal focus group reactions to the car have been unfavorable and VW is in a mad dash to fix serious styling flaws.

With the US release date of the MkVs rapidly approaching, VW needs to step up their game and at least release some new details of the new Jetta – something they have not done as of yet. We do not even know what colors will be offered, what the interior features will be, or even minor design details of the car. What we can be assured of is this: VW will not fail to disappoint. When the Mk3s came out they were somewhat highly disliked and it was much the same when the Mk4s came out. The point is that the new generation cars grow on you over time. Volkswagen owners are very picky about our cars, and we love it when VW presents us with something elegant, sporty, and yet stylish at the same time; something that VW has rarely failed to do. So we can be assured that they will not fail us with the release of the Jetta V, because VW is not about the car, it is about the passion for the car.