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20 June 2014

Now in its 15th year, VW Days is a two day event put on each year by the Golf Club of France.  Set in the rural town of Seraucourt-le-Grand, the show brings out the some of the best Volkswagens in the region of all generations.

Our man Si Gray was in attendance once again, shooting everything that caught his eye at this year’s VW Days.  In typical fashion with European shows, the Volkswagens in attendance showed an extremely high level of creativity and execution.

Being a two day event, the grounds were home to campsites and other entertainment to ensure that everyone had a good time.  From the pictures and videos we have seen, we can’t see how anyone wouldn’t.

SiGray.VWDays2014 06141 960x600

See all of Si Gray’s shots below, and keep an eye out for more event coverage as the season gets underway.

SiGray.VWDays2014 06111 960x600



Additional Photos