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2014 Worthersee Day 14 VW296 960x480

Worthersee 2014 Photo Gallery: Day 13

As promised, our Worthersee coverage is back up and running with one last flourish. With Si Gray on his way back to the UK, it was now time for an American perspective. I landed this morning in Munich, grabbed the keys to a new S1 that Audi was kind enough to loan us and headed south toward the Austrian border where I arrived, just across the lake in the lakeside town of Velden.

2014 Worthersee Day 14 VW306 600x375

Located on the same lake as Worthersee, Velden is a quieter community¬†around this time in the multi-week escapade known as Worthersee. Its proximity means that it’s still overrun with modified Audis and other VAG offerings, as well as odd spectacles like the SEAT-sponsored party barge that pulled up to the dock just in time for a set of choreographed dancers to jump out, dance and then head back out on the water.

2014 Worthersee Day 14 VW285 600x375


With today being a travel day, I’ve not yet ventured into the show for what is my first time here. Instead I cruised the area around Velden and nabbed photos on the downtown streets and nearby roads leading over to Worthersee.

Worthersee 2014 (photo: George Achorn)


Tomorrow marks all day in the say. I’ll¬†take a water shuttle to the event and immerse myself, likely without time to post the final onslaught of photos until after I return to the USA. Expect them to pop up over the weekend and then a final show wrap-up in our Monday rotation.