2009 Holiday Gift Guide for the Volkswagen Enthusiast

The holidays are quickly approaching and Black Friday is past. Tis the season for VWvortex to publish its Holiday Gift Guide – a list of cool VW-centric items for the enthusiast who has everything or ideas for our readers to share with inquiring loved ones when asked for their wish lists.

GameRacer + Xbox + Forza Motorsport 3

During the era of quarter-fed, sit-down arcade Pole Position or Outrun it would have been hard to imagine the level of driving games available for your living room today. The modern field of Gran Turismo, iRacing and Forza Motorsport make for plenty of choices for enthusiasts.

If you’re anything like us then you probably consider buying a console solely for the driving games. We recommend going one step further by picking up a cockpit rig like the GameRacer Elite complete with Corbeau racing seat. You can get the Elite for $499 or package it with an Xbox wireless steering wheel for $599.

GameRacer offers a $649 package that includes the Forza game itself for one-stop shopping, but we recommend you hit up a store like your local GameStop where you can pick up a refurbished Xbox Pro with two controllers for $200 and the Forza Motorsport 3 Exclusive Limited Edition for about a $20 premium over the usual $50 price of the game. This will net you a slick 2-gigabyte memory keychain and, more importantly, access to cars like the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, Ferrari F430 Scuderia and Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera that aren’t available to the plebes.

Once you’re up and running, the Forza experience is incredible with excellent physics, car damage simulation and useful driving instruction for those who need it. Buy and sell cars in online auctions with your winnings, design new liveries for your cars like our Martini-look Audi R8 LMP1 racecar or even perform virtual mods and engine swaps such as fitting Euro bumpers and Zender body pieces or dropping a 2.0T into your Mk1 GTI.

So there you have it, highly realistic racing in your living room against your friends via the internet, comfortably cuddled by a big-bolstered Corbeau for just over $900. Even better, you’ll be perfectly prepped with your GameRacer when Gran Turismo hits stores sometime next year.




Welder Watches

Fine timepieces and great cars seem to go hand in hand, and these days there is no shortage of co-branded watches in every carmaker’s lifestyle catalog. But once in a while you come across a watch that just looks like it belongs on a car lover’s wrist. We discovered the Welder line of watches, and fell in love with the K24 collection. The all-black version seems like it was designed with the matte-black ‘Murdered Out’ modding look in mind including handsome carbon fiber background with a punched-out floating face. With its 48 mm round case, The K24 is exceptionally simple, yet remarkably bold. It comes with two straps, one in black leather and the other in rubber. For $1195 it’s reasonably priced too.


Welder America

Lego Volkswagen Beetle

Legos aren’t just for kids, but we’re guessing that you already knew that. Maybe you don’t already have a lego Ferrari F1 car that’s getting lonely parked in a plastic brick garage, but we think any VW enthusiast will be most interested in this Lego classic Beetle just the same. Its $119 price tag may make you think twice about letting your nephew bash it into oblivion, but it’s still not so much that you won’t feel guilty throwing it on the wish list your spouse supplies to the in-laws.


Lego Beetle at Amazon.com

Shinebox Parking Tickets

We’ve all passed up a parking space because of the way some imbecile has carelessly left his SUV straddling the lines or decided his prized IROC deserves two and a half spots. Rather than risking criminal charges by acting on your darkest impulses, there’s a far classier way to send a message to the nitwit drivers of the world. The creative types at Shinebox Press have put together a very impressive bit of graphic arts work in the form of their parking ticket book. The business card-sized packet contains a dozen tear-out tickets with stunning imagery and clever words of advice for the boundary-challenged. At $6.95, it’s perfect for the office gift exchange or throwing in a stocking. The only problem is that the work is so beautiful, you’ll have a hard time actually wasting one on a parking lot moron.


ShineBox Parking Ticket Book

Plaid Engineer Cap

If driving your Mk5 or new Mk6 GTI has you yearning for more plaid in your daily routine, check out the Plaid Engineer Hat available in Volkswagen of America’s Driver Gear store. Made from cotton twill, the hat is one-size-fits most and costs just $15.95.


Volkswagen Driver Gear Store

Volkswagen DC United Soccer Jersey

Volkswagen and soccer go hand-in-hand. Football clubs around the world, and usually in locales where VW operates such as Wolfsburg, Germany and Puebla, Mexico, are usually sponsored by VeeDub so when VWoA relocated to a Virginia suburb of DC it was a given that they’d hook up with the local DC United Major League Soccer team.

Through Volkswagen of America’s Driver Gear store you can now buy an official DC United Adidas team jersey complete with VW logo. Cost is $70.


Volkswagen Driver Gear Store

VW Emblem Counter Stool

Okay, we’ll agree with your significant other that VW emblem counter stools might be a little much for the kitchen. Flat out, these qualify as too many pieces of household flair. That said, a man cave bar or workshop bench would be perfect. Stools are available for $129.95 from the Driver Gear store and at your local VW dealer.


Volkswagen Driver Gear Store

Oakley C Six Carbon Fiber Sunglasses

If you find yourself in a carbon fiber trance, hunting for nearly anything with the grey/black checked pattern, skip the stickers or film for your wheels and go for something more authentic and personal with the new Oakley C Six. Oakley takes a classic wrap-around look to another level with frames made of the lightweight weave.



Mk2 GTI Artwork

Sites like Imagekind operated by CafePress are great for aspiring artists and we’ve found a very cool print from ewyttdesign making use of a Mk2 GTI drawing over-layed on a background mimicking the fabric pattern available in the GTI during those years. Sizes and prices range from a 6.7×10-inch for $14.49 to a massive 40×60-inch for $55.99. Canvas printed versions can also be ordered as well as framing and matting depending upon your needs.


Artwork at ImageKind

1:18 Scale Scirocco I and Corrado VR6 from Revell

What car enthusiast doesn’t have a scale model car or eight angling for prominent display in one’s office or home, often to the dismay of a spouse? If you have the model car bug as badly as us then you’ll be ecstatic to see that Revell now offers the Scirocco I and Corrado VR6 in the popular 1:18 scale. For those with the modding bug and time to ship from Europe, we’ve also found any number of modded versions on German eBay ripe with replacement wheels, body kits and more.


Revell at eHobbies.com

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