Donate Your Picture For a Chance to Become a Part of VW History

Volkswagen has packed up their digs in Auburn Hills, Michigan, and planted roots in Herndon, Virginia, and their new place is looking a bit barren.

We were recently contacted by Crispin Porter + Bogusky, VW’s ad agency in the States, to see if Vortexers would like to contribute to a display that’s being built at headquarters. There will be a Volkswagen “showroom” of vintage models and memorabilia, and along the back of that is a wall that’s 9′ tall and 150′ wide. That’s 1,350 square feet — nearly as much surface area as a starter house — and the idea is to cover it with enormous collage of pictures featuring Volkswagens and their owners. That’s obviously a lot of pictures, and that’s why VW is turning to the community to help populate it.

Want to help out? Here’s what you’ll need:

• A high-resolution digital picture of you with your Volkswagen, no larger than 5 MB in size

• A release form (some of the fields on the form, like SSN, are there because the same release is used with paid models and actors — you don’t need to, nor should you, fill that field out. You really need only worry about name, date, and parent/guardian if you’re underage!

Release Form

(32K, Microsoft Word format)

Email your photo and the completed form to Chuka Schneider at CP+B

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