Film Review: VWFlix Presents Dubs In Paradise

Let’s get this out of the way from the beginning – Dubs In Paradise, produced and distributed by VWFlix, is no mega-buck, super-slick production. There’s some shaky camera action (some intentional – some not), a few scenes shot with a fairly dirty lens and the editing at times is a bit haphazard. But these issues do not make for a negative review – Dubs In Paradise was shot and produced by VW enthusiasts for VW enthusiasts, and there ain’t nothing wrong with that, right?

Covering some of 2004’s biggest VW events (SFL-GTG, Waterfest, Mid-Atlantic Massiv, Bugout, and H2O Int’l) and mixing in some cool individual car shoots, shop visits and various interviews, DIP manages to really drive home the spirit of what being a Vee-Dub enthusiast is all about. There’s a good mix of older and newer cars and their owners and the video does a great job of offering a true feel of what it was like to attend these events. While I would have liked to see more dedicated coverage of various show and competition cars (minus the MTV-like jittery camera affect, please), it was very nice to see interviews with industry people (they actually got Gary Peloquin to give an interview), car show competitors, and show-goers as well.

Music tracks from the likes of Incwell, Diddy, Young Dunz, and Sean Jay are fairly original, eclectic and never overbearing. There are some club scenes and a couple breaks for individual girlie-model showcases, and though these things seemingly have very little to with the VW scene specifically, it’s unlikely anyone will complain about their inclusion.

There’s also some nice geographic scenery as the guys visit Hawaii and check out the local VW happenings. They’re also there behind the scenes to offer a glimpse into some of the hotel and parking lot shenanigans at Waterfest and H20 International. People are having a good time and the effect is captured nicely on film.

It’s obvious from the get-go there’s no elaborate script and that the host and the people he interviews are just winging it. Some may not care for that effect, but I have to say I like the grass-roots flavor behind the whole production and I’d honestly hate to see things get too over-produced. As-is, the video delivers a couple hours of cool cars, cool music, some cool people, and lots of goofing around. That’s pretty much what being a VW enthusiast is all about, and what’s not to like about that?

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