Honorable Mention: Nashty Rabbit’s R32TT MKI

We can all call ourselves Volkswagen fanatics (that’s why we’re here, right?) but there’s no doubt that some of us have the bug a bit more deeply-rooted than others. Case in point is reader Nashty Rabbit. While he had already built a MK1 Rabbit many of us would pine for, circumstances of a family-owned R32 had him rethinking the direction of his little VW. This isn’t the first time Nash has overhauled his car, either, having transformed the hatchback from your typical light-modification car to a turbocharged beast that went on to be rather recognizable around these parts.

And although that transformation was far from an easy job, it doesn’t hold a candle to the work going on in the car right now. This time around, the floorpan and firewall have to come out, because the 3.2L VR6 from the aforementioned R32 is getting shoehorned in, Haldex system and all. If that weren’t enough, a pair of turbochargers are also being mounted just fore of the firewall, meaning this car will have a hard enough time staying out of its own way. Take a perusal of the now-32-page build thread here, where currently interior pieces are being fitted, though the build is far from done. That drivetrain still needs to be wrapped up, and word has it a hue from a certain bull-crested marque will be sprayed on the outside. Check it out.