Honorable Mention: Russ Taylor’s MK2 Build on Klutch

Building a car can very easily get out of hand, a lot quicker than you could imagine. When all the parts are laying on the garage floor and a bare shell is all that’s left, it’s easy to get carried away into what could go back on in their stead. Russ Taylor knows this all too well. His last project was an extremely clean white MKIV turbo R32 that many of you probably remember floating around these forums and at shows in the past. Well Russ claims the build burnt him out on the car modifying game a bit, “after realizing the immense amount of money that was seemingly wasted on the build.” But it’s affectionately called the “modifying bug” by many of us VW faithful, mainly for how difficult it is to shake once one initially takes the plunge, and Russ is no different.

Russ has been in the game for awhile now, first starting with audio systems back in high school, and making his rounds through different sects of the car scene ever since then. Russ seems to have found a home here in the Volkswagen family, but it’s hard to deny the skill he’s built up through his past experiences elsewhere. And this will come in handy quite a bit during his latest build, a MK2 that he picked up from his neighbor. Being able to rely on that past experience will mostly come in handy in the main goal of this project, building on a budget.

This is already being demonstrated, too, with extensive bodywork already taking place on the car, all being done by Russ himself. The biggest part thus far, though, is the shaving of the engine bay. A quick glance around the build shows just how skilled and creative Russ can get with a welder. We’re lucky enough to have gotten into this build early on, and are very excited to see where it goes from here. We just hope Russ doesn’t fall too far down the rabbit hole, as we know it’s all too easy to do.

Head on over to Klutch to check out the introduction, and make sure you see the second installment here.