More Photos of VW Accessories Jetta VI

We’ll keep it short and sweet on this one, because we already went over the details on this car last week. One thing that we didn’t have last week was many photos to show you of the car, though. That meant you all only saw limited angles of the car, in one type of light, so on and so forth.

Well that’s no longer true, because we sent George out to Volkswagen of America’s headquarters for some more personal time with the car, and told him to come back with an SD card full of images. He obliged, and the result can be seen in our galleries by clicking below.


We think that this set of images shows off the car quite a bit better, probably due to the non-wide-angle lens like the one we used at Waterfest throwing the proportions off. But really, no image can truly portray how this car looks when not viewed through a sensor. In person, the proportions seem just right, and the car definitely has a presence. We can’t wait to see what the GLI looks like.

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