Networked Election 2008 Discussion Forum Added to VWvortex

It is with great pleasure that we announce our latest forum for the discussion of the 2008 Presidential Election. Given the community nature of the eight Vortex Media Group-run websites that network these general interest forums, it seems natural that our readers would have great interest in discussing the presidential election at hand. To that end, we have created this non-partisan forum where all are welcome.

If you plan on joining the discussion, we ask that you consider a few things before entering. First, this is one of our networked forums, meaning it is accessible via eight Vortex Media Group automotive-interest website. Be assured that people of virtually any background and political slant will be sharing the space.

Given the passionate nature of politics, we ask you to think twice before posting in or reading this forum. While we do not promote or condone flaming, name-calling or rude personal interaction, we know that such strong posts will occur given the subject matter. Further, policing it will be nearly impossible – a complicated excercise in subjectivity. For this reason, rules on flaming and the like will be barely enforced in the Election 2008 forum if at all in an effort to keep the free speech as free as possible.

Vulgarity, nudity and spamming rules will be strictly enforced, and if we find individuals to be bringing down the forum as a whole just for the pleasure of it, we will excercise the right to ban users from this forum specifically or our network as a whole depending on the infraction.

Having provided this disclaimer, we would like to welcome all comers to come in and talk politics. And, if we can successfully operate under these abbreviated rules, Vortex Media Group is seriously considering bringing back its once-closed News & Politics forum following the election for all of you car enthusiast political junkies.


Election 2008 Discussion Forum