Privat Wheels & VWVortex Announce 2007 Design Challenge

VWvortex is home to the best VW enthusiasts in the world, and we’ve come up with a special challenge for all our resident armchair designers. VWvortex has teamed up with Privat Wheels to bring you the 2007 Design Challenge. You will have a chance to flex your creativity and show us your skill and let us see your vision of the ultimate 2007 VW GTI!

The contest is pretty easy and straightforward. Members of VWvortex will submit a rendering of a 2007 GTI, designing it as the “Ultimate VW.” The theme is wide open, and can vary from a full-on show car to a track-prepped racer. Nothing is out of bounds here! The one stipulation of the Design Challenge is that your submission must include a brand new wheel design that will be identified as a Privat Wheel. The new wheel design cannot be anything that Privat already offers in 2007, or an existing or intended wheel design of any company. You can go to for more info on Privat and their wheel line.

We know, we know… the contest is cool and all, but what’s in it for you, right? Well, our friends at Privat Wheels have something cool up their sleeves.

The Winner –

The winner of the challenge will receive a free set of wheels up to 18” from the Privat Wheels line and their winning design will be made into a poster that Privat Wheels and VWvortex will be passing out at their booths on July 21st and 22nd at Waterfest 2007! This will be a Signature Series Limited Edition Poster (showcasing the winner) that can be picked up at Waterfest 2007.

So what are you waiting for? Lets get a move on it! Contest info is below!

If you have any questions please email John Miles at

The Contest dates are as follows –

• Contest will go live on May 25th 2007

• End on June 22nd 2007

• Top Finalists will be announced on VWvortex by June 25th – July 2nd, 2007 for voting.

• July 3rd

• The Winner is displayed on VWvortex.

*** All entries received after will not be eligible for participation in this contest.

** Please note the dates above are subject to change.

Submission Details –

– Submissions for this contest will be submitted to

– Electronic Submissions only.

– Size of submissions – 6”x6” – 300dpi – PDF files.

– When submitting files – please make sure your full contact info is attached to the email.

– Full Name

– Email

– Phone

– Address

Judging –

Privat Wheels and VWvortex will do the judging. The judging criteria will be based on wheel design, and overall flow and design of the car.

On June 25 – VWvortex will post the top design on their website, where enthusiasts can vote on the top design.

Rules –

Am I Eligible to Participate?

• The Privat Wheels / VWvortex Design Challenge does not exclude residents of any country.

• If considered a minor by your state, providence or country a parent or legal guardian must complete and summit a signed permission form with your entry.

• Contestants must conform to all rules and terms set by Privat Wheels and VWVortex while fulfilling all requirements in order to remain eligible in contest. Privat Wheels reserves the right to ban/disqualify any participant, for any reason, at any time.

• Privat Wheels, its employees, affiliates, directors, suppliers, distributors, agents, representatives, advertising, agencies associated with, authorized dealers, and all of their immediate families are not eligible to participate or win prizes.

• All costs (i.e. shipping and or taxes/duties) involved with the shipping of any prizes won going to a residence outside of the Continental U.S. will be the responsibility of the winner.

How can I sign up?

• No purchase necessary to enter the contest.

• You may sign up through Email submission of your rendering at

• For Email entry please follow instructions:

• Email with your image as an attachment.

• Image must be in JPEG or PDF form. (NO OTHER format accepted)

• Image should be in high quality but NO larger then 1MB. If you are chosen as the winner, we will then require a higher res file of the artwork for the poster.

• Image should be 6”x6” in overall size.

• In the email please submit Full Name, Email, Phone, and Address.

**** Incomplete or incorrectly completed entry forms are subject to disqualification. All disqualifications are at the discretion of KONIG/Privat.

**** By entering the contest you are agreeing and obligated to all terms, conditions and regulations set by the contest (so read first!).

**** Incompatible formats or data will be automatically eliminated from the contest.

When will I be contacted if I qualify?

All finalists will be notified by email and telephone from the supplied information on their entry form.

**** It is not Privat Wheels’ responsibility to verify contact information or to contact finalists on multiple occasions. It is up to the finalists to reply once contacted. Privat Wheels accepts no liability for any contact failure.

After I Submit Everything. (Ownership)

• It is understood that Privat Wheels will own all rights to any drawing, idea, information, and any material submitted to the contest. Anything submitted to Privat Wheels becomes property of Privat Wheels without any obligation to its creator. It is understood that any idea or material submitted can also be used in partial or its entirety to become a production wheel for sale, again no royalties or other will be expressed

• If any rendering or design is copied or modeled off of any previously or currently existing wheel or design of any person or party other then that of the entrant, then the entrant who submitted that design will be disqualified at Privat Wheels s discretion. The submitted entry design must be original and unique without any replication of another parties design. Plagiarism in any form will not be tolerated!

• Privat Wheels may use any or all of the designs that are submitted, with no financial obligation to the creator.

• By submitting materials and accepting the contest rules/terms you are expressing authorization for your name, information, and work to be publicized in the way Privat Wheels sees fit.

• All renderings and Ideas are subject to modification and adjustments in the event that the design will ever go into production to become and actual part of a KONIG company wheel line.

• In the event of non-compliance with the contest rules and requirements, the selected entry will be disqualified and an alternate will be chosen at Privat Wheels discretion.

• By entering, participants release Privat Wheels, subsidiaries, associates, employees, board and officers, as well as anyone acting as an agent on behalf of the company from any and all liability, injuries, damages, losses or anything else stemming from participation of this contest. Any prize given is also done with the understanding that Privat Wheels and all listed prior accept no liability and express no warranties.

• All logos are registered trademarks and should only be used on the participants design with the understanding that it pertains to the contest. Any registered trademark of Privat Wheels is not authorized for use any other fashion besides the Privat Wheels Wheel Design Contest without written consent from Privat Wheels.

No liability expressed.

Privat Wheels and any of its employees, affiliates, directors, suppliers, sponsors, distributors, agents, representatives, advertising/marketing, agencies associated with, authorized dealers or any other associate of Privat Wheels and this contest will not be liable for any:

• Lost, late, damaged, or incorrect entry forms or materials for the contest.

• Unsuccessful transactions or communication of any kind on anyone’s part.

• This would include but not be limited to computer viruses, corrupt data, incompatible files, email failure, unreadable content of any kind, server failure, computer problems or user error.

• Privat Wheels reserves the right to disqualify and/or not accept any participant.

• Privat Wheels reserves the right to terminate, alter, modify or amend the contest at any time.

• Privat Wheels has the right to edit or alter any image or design submitted by any party to the contest.

• Any Injuries or losses that are endured from this contest or any products as a result of this contest.

• All decisions about or for the contest are left up to the discretion Privat Wheels.

**** Any submission of materials or entrance in to the Privat Wheel Design Contest directly applies that all rules, regulations, and terms of the contest are accepted and will be followed. Conflict at any point will result in immediate disqualification of participant in question.

Privat Wheels is a KONIG Wheels Company. All images, rules, logos, or anything else that pertains to Privat Wheels is implied to all Konig, and Konig Wheel companies.

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