Tuner Profile: Ross-Tech

Ross-Tech LLC, more affectionately known as the VAG-COM people to most of the users of VWvortex and Fourtitude, has grown from a small one-man operation to a full-fledged international business in five short years.

Uwe Ross took the Volkswagen and Audi community by complete surprise when he launched his new innovative product called VAG-COM in 2000.

VAG-COM is a tool that enables one to use their windows based PC to emulate the dealer’s expensive scan tool. VAG-COM gives the user the ability to read fault codes, view and log measuring blocks, as well as access the various control modules found in modern VW and Audi vehicles. By accessing the control modules on a Mk4 Golf, for example, one can change the clock to a 24hr configuration. With VW Touaregs equipped with air suspension, VAG-COM gives you the ability to raise and lower the suspension – go from ‘jacked up’ to ‘slammed’ with a few keystrokes on your VAG-COM. By accessing the vehicle’s immobilizer the owner can also reprogram new keys for the car, provided he has the correct codes on the Immobilizer III equipped cars. Immobilizer II equipped cars do not require as much information.

From the start, Uwe saw the need in the marketplace for a tool that could not only mimic but also go beyond the features of the VW/Audi/SEAT/Skoda factory scan tool. This is exactly what the VAG-COM has done for the past five years and Ross is dedicated to continuing on with that very same premise. Ross-Tech is one of the few companies in the aftermarket industry that has basically no competition within their specialty and as such, is both a leader and innovator in their field.

To date, Ross-Tech has been translated into 12 languages for distribution within twenty-five countries throughout the world. Their customer base not only includes enthusiasts, but also independent repair facilities as well as various dealerships across the globe.

Ross-Tech works hard to not only keep pace with the market but also to improve their product offerings. Each time VW/Audi/SEAT/Skoda has changed the hardware and protocols in their vehicles, Ross-Tech has met the challenge. VAG-COM supports both single and dual K-line as well as the CAN-BUS technology found in the new Mk5 Golf/Jetta platform. Ross-Tech is currently expanding their line of products as well to include BIM-COM, which will be a diagnostic tool for BMW/MINI automobiles. There is no set release date as the product is still in the development stages as of now.

A VAG-COM is a powerful tool that lets not only the enthusiast, but also the seasoned technician know what is going on under the hood of his or her car. With the ability to monitor a variety of sensors one has the power to effectively diagnose problems as well as change some of the more advanced functions within the ECU.

Ross-Tech’s success seems well deserved in the marketplace today. They have taken something incredibly complex and managed to make it clear and compelling, not only to gear heads, but also to the average Joe who happens to own a VW or Audi – a feat not easily accomplished. VWvortex/Fourtitude would like to thank Uwe Ross for opening up ‘skunkworks’ to us, as well as the rest of the staff at Ross-Tech for their gracious hospitality.

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