urogolf Takes the Plunge on a MKI GTI

With all the new model announcements and focus on our new Golf 6 GTI project car, you may think that we have a bit of a penchant for the new stuff around here. But while we may have more of the new metal hanging around than the old stuff these days, we always have a soft spot for the older stuff.

That’s why we’re so stuck on reader urogolf’s restoration of his 1983 Rabbit GTI. Despite being a PVW car, urogolf wasn’t happy with the fact that his GTI had some rust issues, and decided to do a full overhaul. From there, the project seems to have quickly gone from a (albeit extensive) rust-repair job, to a complete redirection of theme for the car. It started in November, and seems to be still going strong, which is why we figured we’d feature it here. Make sure you check it out here, and stay tuned for what we’re sure will be an awesome build up.