VWvortex/ Automotive Rhythms Project Touareg: An Introduction

If you made it to Waterfest this year or even checked out our coverage from the show, then chances are you’ve seen our latest project vehicle. It’s the new Touareg that sat at our booth (wearing a brand new set of 22s from TSW), and it happens to be the first truck project ever undertaken by VWvortex. The truck is pulling down all kinds of accolades from the auto industry and considering its popularity and sales successes, we feel it’s the perfect platform for a VWvortex project vehicle and we intend to showcase its styling and performance potential.

In a collaborative effort, we’re joining forces with Volkswagen of America (who provided the long-term vehicle) and the automotive publication, AutomotiveRhythms.com. Together, we intend to bring you coverage, perspective and regular updates as this project evolves over the next few months.

With each installment we’ll add some of the very best components that are available from the aftermarket. Some of you may have noticed a couple of items on the truck that were different than stock, but these were just a small taste of things to come – we’ll be working with Landspeed, the importer for the Caractére tuning brand, to add a complete aerodynamic package.

GMP is importing for us the very first set of a new forged wheel from noted German wheel manufacturer RH. Additionally, there’ll be bigger brakes to slow down the V8-powered beast, an installment on lowering the stance, a deeper-breathing and better looking exhaust system, in-car electronics and other little tidbits along the way. Keep checking in… we’ll be kicking things off real soon.

But while you wait, I invite you to check out the Automotive Rhythms.com site. The staff there is very honest, but more importantly accurate with their review of some of the world’s best performance cars and trucks. Just check out their homepage – there are two articles that will definitely be of interest to Vortex regulars: Initial impressions of the Touareg and a review accompanied by video of the new Audi S4 cabrio.

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