VWvortex GTI/GLI Tour Update – Midwest Treffen

Well our 2005 GTI/GLI Road Tour is more than half way through and we’re headed to CVO’s Midwest Treffen this coming weekend in our home town of Chicago.

Nine years ago, the newly formed CVO put together their first car show at the Tire Rack in South Bend, Indiana. On very short notice, that inaugural show drew attendees from around the Midwest. That tradition has continued every year since then, with VW enthusiasts arriving from all points across North America. Treffen’s laid-back, casual atmosphere makes it a great show for both participants and visitors.

The show is spread across two days now starting with an autocross event on Saturday the 20th of August and the car show itself on Sunday the 21st. Central and unique to Treffen is the Dub Club Invitational – A friendly competition for Volkswagen and Audi enthusiast clubs. The competition is an “automotive triathalon” of sorts with an autocross competition, drag racing competition and car show competition – pitting the best of each club against each other. Each club can nominate a different car for each round – Autocross, Drag Race, Car Show. Points will be awarded based on finishing position in each category, with a champion crowned during the awards ceremony at the Treffen Show. The winning club will also gain possession of the CVO’s traveling Treffen Dub Club Invitational trophy until the 2006 event. This is always a fun event to watch and the competition is sure to be even better this year.

For more information on CVO’s Treffen you can visit their Midwest Treffen webpage HERE.

For more specific information on the Dub Club Invitational check out the forum topic HERE

There is also an R32 get together (GTG) planned for Saturday night as well not far from most of the host hotels at the event. More information on the R32 owner GTG can be found HERE

Lastly for those that will be in the area on Friday the 19th there is a pre-Treffen party at Champs Bar and Grill starting at 5pm. More information can be found HERE

VWvortex will of course be at Treffen with both our black Golf V GTI and our Salsa Red Jetta V GLI plus Bryan Joslin’s Second Chance A2 GTI. We’ll have the black GTI outfitted in a set of 19″ Phaeton Helios wheels with Avon Tech M500 ultra high-performance rubber courtesy of the Tire Rack since we just can’t leave anything stock for very long. In addition our friends at the Tire Rack have hooked us up with a set of Avon Tech R competition “R” compound tires for the autocross on Saturday. If you come out and you’re interested in taking a ride in the new GTI let us know and we’ll accomodate as many people as we can. We’ll also have special GTI/GLI Tour T-shirts available at the show, so be sure to stop by our booth.

Volkswagen of America will also be out in full force at Treffen this year with several Golf V GTI’s as well, plus they plan to have their own “Thrill Ride” setup out at the show so there will be plenty of opportunities to see and ride in the new GTI.

So far we’ve been to Dubs Along the Rockies in Colorado Springs. Waterfest 2005 in Englishtown New Jersey and Waterwagens in Kent, Washington with our tour and have met a ton of our readers at the shows. For all of you that stopped by our booth to say hi it was great putting some names with faces. Reaction to the new GTI and GLI has been very positive. On more than one occasion we’ve overheard people saying that both cars look much better in person than in photos. Plus those that have been lucky enough to go for a ride in the new GTI have come away very impressed.

Treffen marks a “trade-in” time for us as well as we will bid farewell to the black GTI after the show as it will be serving duty elsewhere and welcome a white 2-door with 18″ wheels and manual transmission in its place for the remainder of the tour. The new GTI looks simply awesome in white. So if you saw our black car in the past, come back again for H20 International in Ocean City, Maryland September 24-25 where we’ll have the new white GTI on display.

Lastly, we had the unique opportunity to put all five generations of GTI together at Waterfest 2005 this year (all in black no less). Below is one of a number of photos we took – clicking on it links to a larger 1024 desktop size.

We look forward to see everyone out at the shows – happy motoring!

Click HERE for a larger version of the above image.

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