VWvortex Readers Select the Winner of the Privat Wheels/VWvortex Design Challenge

Privat Wheels is excited to announce Jon Sibal as the winner of the Privat Wheels/VWvortex Design Challenge. We received many impressive entries and narrowed them down to the strongest three designs. VWvortex readers voted on the three finalists and the overwhelming majority chose the work of Jon Sibal (67.8%). Matthew Jimenez garnered 20.3% and Wootak Kim pulled in 11.9%.

Privat is under way developing the new Signature Series Poster that will be given out for free at Waterfest on July 21 and 22. Please come by either the Privat Wheels or VWvortex booth at the show to receive your free poster.

We would like to thank all that participated in this challenge. We look forward to working with you guys more in the future.

For more information on Privat Wheels, please go to www.privatwheels.com.

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