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The Super Beetle Project

Welcome to VWvortex’s newest project, the Super Beetle. If we were to build the ultimate Beetle, we’d do what any decent enthusiast would and put 500hp into it. To get that power to the ground means we’ll borrow the all-wheel-drive system from the Golf R and transplant it into the Beetle. Simple right? Well…

Below you will find the latest blog entries during the build up of this project car. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do putting it all together…

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superbeetle header3 280x160 Super Beetle Project – Introduction

A Super Beetle should be Super and to us that means adding AWD and 500hp to a bone stock Turbo Beetle. And thus our latest project car is born. Yes, we’re excited. More…


superbeetle update 02 280x160 Super Beetle – Dismantling Begins

We begin dismantling both the Beetle and Golf R and discover a few things. More…


03 superbeetle header 280x160 Super Beetle – Rear End Removal

So in our third installment of the Super Beetle project we disassemble the rear end of both cars. More…


04 super beetle 280x160 Super Beetle – Cutting and Splicing

Part four of our series covers the cutting and splicing of Golf R pieces to the Beetle and the start of the mechanical work… More…


vwvortex superbeetle 05 280x160 Super Beetle – Surgery Complete

Our sheetlmetal mods are complete and we’re moving on to engine and chassis mods next. More…


superbeetle suspension brakes 280x160 Super Beetle – Suspension and Brakes

In our sixth installment we move on to suspension and brake upgrades. More…


vwvortex superbeetle 07 280x160 Super Beetle – Engine Work Begins

Our quest for big power starts with the engine. Tear down begins… More…


vwvortex super beetle 08 280x160 Super Beetle – Putting It Back Together

Our engine and transmission are back in and we start to button things up. Plus we start to change the color of our project… More…


vwvortex superbeetle 09 280x160 Super Beetle – Final Push to SEMA Show

We are mere hours away from shipping our Beetle out to SEMA. Things are moving along and we’re getting down to the wire… More…


vwvortex superbeetle 10 280x160 Super Beetle – SEMA Bound

Buttoned up, packed up and cleaned up, our Beetle hits the road for SEMA. More…


vwvortex superbeetle 11 280x160 Super Beetle – Volkswagen’s Official SEMA Press Release

Volkswagen issues their official press release on the Super Beetle and other Beetle’s on display at the 2012 SEMA Show. More…


superbeetle 13 280x160 Super Beetle Wins Gran Turismo Best European Import SEMA 2012 Award

Our little Beetle wins the Gran Turismo Best European Import SEMA 2012 award. We are both humbled and honored to be chosen (and a little stoked!). More…


superbeetle sema 280x160 Super Beetle – SEMA Live Blog

UPDATED NOV 1 – We’ve hit the road to meet our Super Beetle project at the SEMA Show and put the final touches on her. We’ll be making live blog updates about all the VW’s at SEMA throughout the week at the show. More…