NGP Racing’s Rallye Golf VRT Project

Editor’s note: Welcome to the first of several installments detailing the build-out of NGP’s Rallye Golf project vehicle. We intend to bring to our readers a behind the scenes peek into what’s involved in undertaking a project of this magnitude. NGP will take the photographs and provide the play-by-play and VWvortex will provide the outlet for publication. We’re as excited about this as I’m sure our readers certainly are, and as time progresses, we believe a great deal of interest will become attached to this story. Stick around – it looks to be a very inspired series of articles.

We all have dreams. Some of us dream about big houses and some of us dream about piles of money. Chances are, the fact that you’re reading this right now means you’re just like me – you dream about VWs. Going back as far as I can remember, I’ve had the Volkswagen addiction. As such, I have wanted to be as involved in the VW scene as much as possible. Part of this dream came true seven years ago with the opening of New German Performance. Subsequently, life as a VW nut was certainly glorious, but I still had more dreams to address.

There’s a certain VW that I have always longed to own that was never officially offered to the oft-oppressed American market. A certain wide-body, all wheel drive, hot hatch that has four-wheel drifted through my dreams for years, and as these pages will attest, my dreams have finally come true. With help from a good friend and business associate, Dan Nowik, and a lot of determination and money, my Rallye Golf has arrived from der Fatherland.

Now for the reason we’re all here: I’d like to introduce to you NGP’s project Rallye VRT – the project build-up to watch in 2004. A quick glossary of terms for all: “VR” stands for VR6, and I’m sure everyone knows what the “T” represents. I’m certainly not claiming this has never been done before, because it has, but I’m going to give you all a little glimpse of what flavor of “bad ass” our Rallye Golf eye candy will come in.

Let’s talk supercar for a moment… By definition, a supercar has brutal power, massive brakes, monstrous grip, and of course, a documented motorsports history. Some marques that come to mind should be Ferrari, Porsche, McLaren, Bentley, etc. – this just seems natural. Now, allow us to derail your “natural” train of thought. What if we could add one more manufacturer to that seemingly untouchable list, like, say, Volkswagen? We’re talking about horsepower numbers that would make a 996 Turbo blush, traction the Italians could only dream about, and a power to weight ratio that’s insanely off the scale. And all of this wrapped up inside an unassuming little hatchback with beautifully muscular body-lines born directly from a motorsport heritage. In other words – NGP Racing’s project “Rallye Golf VRT”.

In closing, I’d just like to silence a few critics before they even have a chance to cry foul. The end product will look almost exactly like the car you see before you. No big wings, no wacky hood scoops – just pure VW Motorsports sheet metal. We still love to build the “lookers” that have gotten us featured many times before in fine publications such as this one, but we’re going to approach this project a little differently. A modern day motorsport build on a timeless chassis with love, from NGP. My dreams are all starting to come to life now, so watch out automotive world. The next supercar on the block may just be a wide, little Volkswagen with green paint and a very bad attitude.

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