Project A4 Avant: Christmas Presence

Okay, so somebody asks you what you want for Christmas. You can’t ask for something too expensive (well maybe you can, but we can’t). You’re obsessed with your car (well maybe you aren’t, but we are). It seems like asking for car-related gifts might be just the thing. Many can even be ordered online.

For project A4 Avant, Santa came early this year. We do have editorial deadlines and that’s something Santa just had to deal with.

With the holidays and winter in mind, here are a few items you might want to consider asking for, or perhaps investing in yourself.

Roof Rack & Ski Attachments

We’ve long been a fan of Audi’s roof rack system. We fitted our Avant with the standard Votex crossbars. The handsome satin aluminum finish looks great on the car, and the roof-bar mounting point, the front-to-back load bars found on the Avant and other Volkswagen Group station wagons makes installation not only easier, but also less likely to mark the finish of the car after prolonged use.

Both bars are clearly marked to indicate front or rear, and the Avant’s permanent roof rails themselves are also marked for easy placement on the car. Two torx-style coded bolts hold the bars in place at each corner; the front just behind the sunroof where it minimizes wind-noise across the skyward portal. A unique tool for use in attaching the bars is provided. Cost from Audi Accessories is advertised at $240.21.

Audi and Volkswagen Accessories also offer attachments for Skis and Snowboards. Basically an attachment from roof rack manufacturer Thule, its mounting points are specially made to work with the Votex bars. The attachment holds several sets of skis or snowboards depending on positioning and dimensions. We’ve had up to four pairs of traditional skis in these exact attachments on other cars, so unless there are clearance issues, we don’t foresee why we would have a problem replicating that on the Avant. Audi Accessories advertises the cost at $125.20 on their website. Since these are Thule attachments except for the unique mounting points, Thule lock cores from most Thule dealers should also fit them.

This particular set of bars is the same set we originally sourced for Project Golf 1.8T. Any good roof rack system is not cheap to replace. Recycling them for new cars makes a lot of sense, and we were quick to make sure that our Ski attachments were still current. This standard Votex system has been available for years now, so some of our collection of attachments has made the transition now to their third VAG vehicle.

Rubber Floor Mats

Here in the moderately north Washington D.C. region, we’ve already had two snowfalls so far this year. For this part of the world, that’s some early snow. Such weather generally begets ice, which begets slush and road salt that can both wreak havoc on floor mats and/or soak the floors with the result of an unpleasant mildew odor greeting every time you enter your car.

Audi Accessories also offers some heavy-duty rubber floormats specifically for the A4. Running these mats in the winter lengthens the useful life of your carpet mats and helps keep the salt and dirt from your car’s carpet as they’re moulded specifically for the A4. Mounting grommets are the same as your stock mats, making placement and installation quite easy.

One can opt for either the Audi Sport logo or the A4 logo, of which we went for the latter. Prices range from $99.50 to $112.86, or there is a newer European moulded rubber mat from Audi Accessories for “8E” or “B6” A4s that is even cheaper.

Custom Cargo Mat

Whether it’s wet and snowy winter cargo or just our dirty canine, a custom cargo mat is definitely the way to go. Despite the Avant’s unique removable floor that provides a durable rubber underlayment, we wanted better protection for the trunk from both dirt and dog hair. What we got was the custom moulded Cargo Mat from Audi. Priced at $108.90, the mat has protected all but the cargo area’s sidewalls from our hairy beast. It has carried everything from furniture to heavy tile-cutting saws and has not marred from the weight or the sliding materials.

Other nice touches include pre-moulded cut-out areas corresponding to the Avant’s pre-installed cargo hooks and a pre-moulded base for an acrylic decal, two of which were provided. We opted for the Audi Sport logo decal over an A4 branded version.

Christmas Delivery

Re-checking the Audi Collection website, we were welcomed by a popup offering free shipping upgrades to assure holiday delivery. If this or other products from the Audi Collection do reside on your Christmas list, consider mentioning also to your loved ones that, even at this late date, your parts should be there in time for Christmas.

More info: Audi Collection

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