Project Touareg GTD: Interior Protection for Winter & Flood

There’s nothing like a massive silt-ridden flood to threaten the sanctity of a new car’s interior. This was just the scenario not long after acquiring our Touareg TDI and the conditions reminded us just how valuable protective gear such as rubber floor and cargo mats can be. And with winter also just around the corner, the acquisition seemed like a solid strategy for keeping salt and slush at bay in the months ahead. The next move for our Touareg was obvious.

For those who don’t know, Volkswagen Accessories has a number of options in the interior protection department. Several floor mats offer everything from plush to molded, while a mix of trunk guards can be as simple as a flat layer of plastic to an intricate and customizable gear organizer.

Our Touareg sees a lot of uses so simple and versatile were top priorities. Browsing the Volkswagen Accessories catalog we were immediately drawn to the European rubber mat set designed specifically for the Touareg. Each of these pieces, including the trunk mat, are feature the Touareg text logo and feature triangular texturing that compliment the car.

From a design perspective, the matching textures of both floor and trunk mats were welcome. These make for a uniform look, consistent with Volkswagen design. They don’t appear aftermarket, with big and noticeable logos of companies that have nothing to do with VW or the Touareg.

The European style mats and liners are sold in three separate parts. Front and rears are available separately for those not needing mats for rear passengers. Each of the floor mats are made of a heavy duty molded rubber. The trunk mat, while visibly the same, is made of molded plastic in order to hold up best against scrapes from harder or sharper cargo while also minimizing weight.

While we were placing our order in with Volkswagen Accessories, we also opted to pick up a Volkswagen First Aid Kit. Marked with molded Volkswagen logos, the packaging is handsome and fits cleanly in the left side cubby space of the Touareg’s trunk. Given the flooding, scuba gear or a fan boat may also have been a good idea but the Volkswagen Accessories store didn’t have either of those. Still, natural disasters like floods make you appreciate the supplies a first aid kit offers.

Each of these items is available via Volkswagen Accessories, at your local dealership or via the links below.

Part Numbers:

7P0-061-161 Trunk Liner

7P0-061-501-041 Front Rubber European Style Floor Mats

7P0-061-511-041 Rear Rubber European Style Floor Mats

000-093-108-B -9B9 First Aid Kit

For pricing or purchasing these items, look at the many Volkswagen Dealer advertisers on the VWVotex forums, visit your local Volkswagen dealer, or visit a participating Volkswagen Parts eStore dealer at

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