T/b: NGP Racing

Welcome to our TUNERbiography series! Just as our AUTObiography series is designed to profile some of the more notable members of the VWvortex readership community, we’re hoping our TUNERbiography series can do the same for some of the tuners, manufacturers, and other companies who cater to these very same VWvortex readers.

First up (and appropriately so, as they are the kind sponsors of the A/b series) is NGP Racing

Q: Company name?

A: NGP Racing.

Q: Contact info?

A: info@ngpracing.com or 1.877.german.1 (toll free).

Q: How did your company get its start?

A: We started by renting some warehouse space to work on our own projects, and all of our “friends” started bringing their cars by to get worked on. We got a business license, opened up some accounts to get parts, and away we went. Within seven months we quit our full-time jobs and have never looked back.

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: Eight years.

Q: Who is your target customer?

A: All VW and Audi enthusiasts.

Q: What is your product range?

A: We sell everything from short shifters for Rabbits to a chip and suspension for an Audi RS6.

Q: What services do you provide?

A: Basic maintenance and service, performance tuning, custom fabrication, OEM parts, performance parts, retail sales, mailorder, wholesale, show vending, race sponsorship, etc.

Q: What is your company philosophy?

A: The best customer is an educated customer. We only sell what we know will work on your car, and improve the driving experience. Treat every customer the same- with honesty and respect.

Q: What makes your company different/special?

A: We love to educate our customers. We will only sell them what we know will work. When they realize this, they realize we have shown them that we have their best interests at heart – not just our bottom line.

Q: What does the future hold for your company?

A: There will soon be three new and exciting NGP branches. In the spring, we will be launching the first NGP Racer’s Store – a retail store and APR chip-tuning center for VW/Audi enthusiasts. After New Year’s we will be opening our NGP powdercoating services, offering a full range of coating options including a mailorder exchange program on popular parts. In addition, we are extremely excited to launch our German partnership company known as Ecodeparts.com. An interactive, online store-front offering “nearly new” OEM drivetrain and body parts directly from Germany. Ecode’s website will also feature a public forum for the educated to help the beginner with their projects, and so on. This will include factory over-run parts straight from the assembly line such as alloy wheels, interiors, seats and more!

Q: Where do you think the aftermarket is headed in the next few years?

A: More and more of the DIY movement, less ability to “tweek” or swap parts on the new, technologically advanced drivetrains, and customers demanding more convienence and support (this is a good thing!)

Q: What are your biggest challenges?

A: Convincing customers that it’s better to pay a couple dollars more to get real customer service after the sale.

Q: What are your greatest successes?

A: The growth and respect NGP has built in the industry. Starting from absolute nothing and building a business the honest way (which takes a lot longer!!!)

Q: How do you feel about auto manufacturers offering customers their own tuning products?

A: I’m not threatened at all. I think it shows acknowledgment of the desire for such parts from the consumer.

Q: What personal cars do you and your staff drive?

A: Where do I start? There are 10 guys here – and they all have tight rides! I’ll throw a few out there: Rallye Golf VR6 Turbo, A59 Golf VR6, Mk2 Jetta coupe VR6, a couple Audi A4 1.8Ts (sedan and Avant), Passat V6 4 Motion Variant, Mk2 Euro-style GTi (old skool 8V), Mk1 Scirocco, Passat G60 Syncro, Various SUVs, and a custom built chopper (real-deal rigid frame w/100 cubic-inch Rev Tech and 6 spd).

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