Choice Gear: Volkswagen & Audi BTCC Coloring Pages, Presumably for the Kids

One of our favorite niche blogs is a UK effort known as Racing Colour. The blog is a dedicated space for a very singular purpose, and that is spreading racing enthusiasm through the act of coloring. Effectively, it’s a place where you can download pictures of racecars made specifically in black and white line format optimized for coloring… either by little kids or by big kids who are young at heart.

Likely this won’t be the last time you see RacingColour featured here. We see VWs and Audis are regular features by the site and so we’ll do our best to point them out as time permits.

Today we’ve highlighted a post about the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC). Longtime Audi fans know that the four rings have a lot of history in that series and most specifically in the 1990s with the B5 A4 quattro. More recently, privateer teams have been fielding an array of VAG products including the Volkswagen CC, the B8 A4 sedan and the latest A3 sedan.

A recent post by Racing Colour has highlighted each of the 2014 season entries and this includes both Audis. Download them directly at RacingColour HERE.