Video: Get to Know Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross Driver Tanner Foust

When he’s not filming for Top Gear or serving as a stunt driver for Hollywood blockbusters, Tanner Foust can be found in a Volkswagen Polo GRC competing in the Red Bull Global Rallycross series, and pulling part time duty in FIA World Rallycross events.  Tanner differs from many other drivers in that he did not start until he was out of college, but what he may lack in early training, he more than makes up for in raw talent.

In the video above, Tanner details the path the ultimately led him to where he is at today.  Much like the Scott Speed video from earlier this week, his personality comes through in the video as he gives insight into the ups and downs of racing.

Red Bull Global Rallycross returns to the track in two weeks at Daytona Motor Speedway.