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Euro Sport Accessories Introduces Mk V 2.0T Cool-Flo Race Intakes

mk5 coolflo race intakeLooking for increase power at an affordable price? Looking for top filtration and power?

Well, look no further…Euro Sport is proud to release the 2.0T Race Cool-Flo Intake for your GTI or Jetta! With 18 years of perfomance leading products, our new MK5 Race Intakes are amongst the best we have released to date. Designed in-house and dyno tested on our Mustang DYNOJET, this performace enhancement is sure to give you better throttle response, increase horsepower, and a sound that filtrates through the ITG Conical Filter. And if you’re not too “lead-footed” this will increase your gas mileage due to less restriction of the factory air-box and filter.

*Available in Wrinkle Coat Black Finish, or Polish Ceramic Coatings

*Custom ITG Performance Filter

*Proven Performance Gains

This kit includes instructions and all the necessary hardware for installation, and is now in stock and ready to ship! Order yours TODAY!

Euro Sport 2.0T Cool-Flo Race Intakes HERE

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