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Jetta 4 Hella E-code Headlights with Leveling Motors & Install Kit Now at VividWonders

vw logo white 004Hella E-code headlights are the best in quality, simple unrivaled. These units will create a brighter light output, cleaner beam pattern, and a clean European look. The headlights include Hella leveling motors and all bulbs needed x2 H4’s, H3’s, pw21w’s, and wedge style bulbs. Hella Jetta 4 headlight features include high low beam, foglights, city lights, turns, and electric leveling motors. Be sure to purchase our plug-and-play foglight harness and European Fog Light Switch if your application does not already have stock fogs. You will also need our plug-and-play rheostat harness and switch to achieve the function of being able to level your headlights from the inside of your car. All of our harnesses come with fully detailed install instructions.

Hella Jetta 4 Headlight package includes everything to have the headlights up and running all round. Itemized list shown below.


-Hella E-code Headlights

-Hella Leveling Motors

-All bulbs needed

-European Foglight Switch

-Rheostat Switch

-Plug and Play Foglight Harness

-Plug and Play Rheostat Harness

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Hella Jetta 4 Headlights include


-Hella E-code Headlights

-Hella Leveling Motors

-All bulbs needed

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