A8 W12 With Styling Changes

VWvortex has recently heard two rumors regarding the upcoming A8 W12.

The first rumor, of the car’s introduction at the recent Frankfurt IAA turned out to be false. However, we believe the second rumor, that the new W12 will feature a redesigned nose to be more on the mark.

Supposedly, Audi intends to implement the new corporate shield grille design as seen on the Pikes Peak, Nuvolari and Le Mans concept cars and lightly hinted at in the new A3 design. Whether or not Audi implements the change across the A8 lineup or uses it as a mark of exclusivity to the Q-ship of the A8 range remains to be seen.

Above is a computer rendition of what the A8 W12 “could” look like. It is not a picture of the actual car.

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