Audi R8 Toxique by TC Concepts

With a focus on exotic cars of all types, Berlin-based tuning house TC Concepts may be less familiar to Audi owners than Ingolstadt-focused shops like MTM or Abt. Nevertheless, with products like their new R8 Toxique bodywork design, we’re guessing that is about to change.

For the R8, the TC concept body kit marks a very interesting stylistic direction. The Berlin firm skipped out on motorsport design inspiration as seen with existing R8 styling packages like the Abt Sportsline R8 GT-R or the PPI Razor GT-R, or simply more wild like the PPI Razor. Instead, the R8 Toxique navigates in a decidedly OE+ direction by utilizing many Audi styling cues usually not attributed to the R8. And while OE+ execution is usually on the subtle side, the final result of the R8 Toxique is anything but subtle… even painted in sleeper silver.

Perhaps the most radical elements on the R8 Toxique are the points where stylists diverted most markedly from the R8 design. Placing a border of bodywork below the headlights emphasize their A7-like shape and also allows the lower front fascia to accept a chin much like that of the RS 5 or TT RS albeit in more animated form. On the flanks, removal of the R8 coupe’s signature sideblade takes on the look of the R8 Spyder. Elements like the blade-like side sills remind us of the B7 S4 and those muscular round rear fender arches harken to the TT.

The R8 Toxique package includes front bumper, sideskirts, full rear fenders including intakes, and a rear bumper with a DTM-like diffusor: all crafted of carbon fiber. Two V2A tailpipes and grille inserts for the front and rear bumpers are also part of the kit.

Wheels are TC Concepts’ own design, with 20×8.5 at the front and whopping 21×10.5 at the rear rolling on 235/35-20 rubber at the front and 295/25-21 at the rear. This choice of rubber and alloy certainly lend to the aggressiveness of the final look.

Options include a carbon fiber rear wing, R8 GT LED black/grey taillights, a stainless cat-back exhaust system with flap, H&R coilovers, H&R wheelspacers and carbon fiber interior trim.

Speaking of interior trim, it’s inside the cockpit where TC Customs continues the boundaries for wildness in the scope of OE+, best exemplified by one of the fattest-looking carbon fiber steering wheels that we’ve ever seen. And while the white leather seat inserts may seem more Versace Lamborghini than Audi R8, the sewn TC logo pattern is highly reminiscent of the R8 logo perforated leather in the R8 V12 TDI concept car.

TC Concepts tells us the bodywork uses OEM mounting points making installation very simple. Expect installation by a qualified body specialist to take about two days.

Production of the R8 Toxique bodywork will be limited to just 25 examples. This assures exclusivity but likely will keep R8 owners from wanting to go piecemeal, for instance someone who loves the look but prefers to go with a nose from an R8 GT.

As with most body kits, we’re guessing Audi aficionados will be split on whether the kit improves the overall look. Here at VWvortex we’re admittedly fans of anything OE+ and this certainly qualifies. We suspect that had TC-Concepts fitted the R8 Toxique with factory-looking wheels ,“HN” (for Heilbronn, Neckarsulm) registration plates and took this for a spin around the Nordschleife that spy photo sites would be all aflutter over the new R8 facelift.

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